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How much do Air Force refuelers make?

How much do Air Force refuelers make?

In-flight Refueling Salaries

Job Title Salary
US Air Force In Flight Refueler salaries – 3 salaries reported $64,251/yr
US Air Force In-Flight Refueling Specialist salaries – 3 salaries reported $37,523/yr
US Air Force In Flight Refueling Systems Operator 1A0X1 salaries – 2 salaries reported $5,749/mo

How long is in flight refueling tech school?

It lasts less than 4 weeks in total. Approximately half of the way through technical training school an Airman will be made aware of their next duty station.

Is in flight refueling hard?

Although some veteran pilots may be accustomed to the practice, it’s never routine or easy. Aerial refueling remains one of the most difficult maneuvers in aviation. Indeed, it has been key to the success of many U.S. military operations.

What AFSC is boom operator?

For entry into this specialty, completion of high school with courses in physics and mathematics is desirable. Training. For award of AFSC 1A031, completion of the basic boom operator course is mandatory.

How long can Air Force go without refueling?

According to The White House’s official website and webpage on Air Force One, this is the answer: “Capable of refueling midair, Air Force One has unlimited range and can carry the President wherever he or she needs to travel.”

What do aircraft fuelers do?

An efficient aircraft fueler hooks up the equipment safely, fills fuel for the wings, unhooks the equipment safely, fills out the fuel transaction forms correctly, and performs quality control on the equipment every day. You are comfortable using numbers to calculate fuel volume and weight.

What is a in i flight refueling specialist?

Operating a specialized boom from the back of a KC-135, In-flight Refueling Specialists pump thousands of gallons of jet fuel into aircraft in need of fuel.

What Asvab score do you need to be a boom operator?

55 or higher
All applicants need a general ASVAB score of 55 or higher.

How long is boom operator school?

The future training program for the KC-46 for a boom operator is to be 59 days long, and the training time for a pilot is to be 82 days long.

How many e4b are there?

four E-4B
There are only four E-4B aircraft in the Air Force inventory, with one constantly on alert. The E-4B National Airborne Operations Center supports the National Command Authority (NCA) and the Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS).

How much does a fuel handler make?

The salaries of Fuel Handlers in the US range from $26,170 to $70,230 , with a median salary of $39,690 . The middle 60% of Fuel Handlers makes $39,690, with the top 80% making $70,230.

How long does it take to refuel a 777?

Here are Some Refueling Times for 15 of the Worlds Most Common Airplanes:

Airplane Fuel Capacity US Gal Typical Fill Time If Tanks Already @ 15%
Antanov AN-225 98,656 1h 10min
Airbus A380 85,472 60min
Boeing 747-8 63,034 45min
Boeing 777-200LR 47,890 34min

How does in-flight refueling work?

Flying boom – This system uses a rigid tube, named the boom, to connect the two aircraft. A dedicated operator directs the boom into a small opening on the recipient aircraft. The Air Force favors this system as the flying boom transfers fuel faster than the probe-and-drogue (6,000 lbs/min vs. 2,000 lbs/min).

Where do boom operators get stationed?

All boom operators first receive a month of training in flying tankers at Joint Base San Antonio, Texas. After this they spend three weeks in survival training. The boom operators of Boeing KC-135 Stratotankers are trained at Altus Air Force Base for four months.

How long can Airforce go without refueling?

Does Air Force One have guns?

SIG-Sauer P226. The Secret Service Agents on Air Force One are armed mostly with SIG-Sauer P226 pistols. When the terrorists take over the plane, many of them also use these pistols; Ivan Korshunov carries a P226, which he is commonly seen using to threaten and/or execute hostages.

What happens after Air Force in-flight refueling training?

Once someone has successfully passed the training course for this Air Force specialty, they will then head to their next duty assignment to begin several weeks of intense on the job training. It must be noted that those in the position of Air Force In-Flight Refueling specialists are affectionately known as ‘boom operators’.

What is an Air Force in-flight refueling specialist?

It must be noted that those in the position of Air Force In-Flight Refueling specialists are affectionately known as ‘boom operators’. This is definitely an Air Force Specialty where someone learns much more by doing than by studying informational material.

What are the benefits of being an Air Force in-flight refueler?

When not on temporary duty assignments or flying, being an Air Force In-Flight Refueler does entitle an airman to take advantage of enlisted member on and off base privileges. Use of the gyms, sports courts, bowling, swimming and golf facilities that exist on many large Air Force Installations

What does an aircraft refueler do?

Performs in-flight refueling aircrew duties including boom operation Communicates with the pilot and receiver aircraft from start to finish during a fuel offloading procedure Monitors all instrumentation for proper operation during aerial refueling Plays a role in aircraft loading and offloading

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