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Who is Irina Rodnina?

Who is Irina Rodnina?

She is the first pair skater to win the Olympic title with two different partners, followed only by Artur Dmitriev . In her pre-school years, Irina Rodnina suffered from pneumonia eleven times; deciding to enroll her in an activity, in 1954 her parents brought her to her first skating rink, in the Pryamikov Children Park in Moscow.

What year did Irina Rodnina win the Olympics?

Irina Rodnina in 2010. Irina Konstantinovna Rodnina (Russian: Ирина Константиновна Роднина, IPA: [ɪˈrʲinə kənstɐnˈtʲinəvnə rədʲnʲɪˈna], born 12 September 1949) is a Russian politician and figure skater, who is the only pair skater to win 10 successive World Championships (1969–78) and three successive Olympic gold medals (1972, 1976, 1980).

How old is Yvonne Rodnina?

They returned in 1980 to capture their second Olympic title together and Rodnina’s third. At the age of 30 years and 159 days, she became one of the oldest female figure skating Olympic champions. They then retired from competitive skating.

Why did the Rodnina-Ulanov partnership break up?

After winning the gold medal in the 1972 Winter Olympic Games in Sapporo, Japan, the Rodnina-Ulanov partnership, which had begun in 1968, broke up because her partner married another pairs skater. The first account of figure skating was published in the 1770s.

Is Irina Rodnina a member of the LDPR Commission?

At the same time, Irina Rodnina was a member of the commission, which considered the charges of harassment of the journalist of the LDPR deputy Leonid Slutsky and did not find any violations in his behavior. This is not the only case where the positions of Rodnina and her children living in the United States diverge.

Who was Yulia Rodnina’s first coach?

By 1963, Rodnina had begun skating with her first partner Oleg Vlasov, coached by Sonia and Milan Valun. In 1964, her coach became Stanislav Zhuk, who paired her with Alexei Ulanov. They won four consecutive World and European titles.

Does Rodnina Minkovski have a daughter?

From her second marriage with the film producer Leonid Menkovsky, Rodnina has a daughter, Alyona Minkovski, born in 1986. She is currently divorced. She spent a number of years living in the United States and then moved back to Russia.

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