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What stage of mitosis is this Whitefish blastula in?

What stage of mitosis is this Whitefish blastula in?

Prophase Whitefish Blastula Cell. The arrows (A) in the photo point to a cell in the prophase stage of mitosis. During this stage the chromosomes become visible, the nucleoli disappear, the nuclear membrane is broken down and the spindle begins to take form.

What happens to the Whitefish during interphase?

Early in interphase the cell (A) reaches its full size and then starts preparing for its next division. Preparation includes chromosome replication, replication of cellular organelles, including centrioles, and the synthesis of microtublule units. Distinct chromosomes are not visible to the microscope at this time.

How many cells are in Whitefish blastula?

Assuming she assigned a cell cycle phase to each of the 26 cells, calculate the percent of the time the whitefish blastula cells spend in interphase.

What happens in Whitefish anaphase?

Their separation is caused by the removal of microtubular units at the polar ends of the fibers (A) to which the chromosomes are attached. This process shortens the fibers and draws the chromosomes ever closer to the pole. In the diagram the separating sets of chromosomes are reaching the opposite poles of the cell.

What is Whitefish blastula?

Whitefish blastula is the early stage of embryo development of whitefish. The blastula is formed after an egg is fertilized and divides numerous times… See full answer below.

How many chromosomes does a Whitefish blastula have?

Motivated by this observation, we test the hypothesis that chromosome organization differs between Lake Whitefish species pairs using cytogenetics. While chromosome and fundamental numbers are conserved between the species (2n = 80, NF = 98), we observe extensive polymorphism of subtle karyotype traits.

What happens to the Whitefish during metaphase?

Metaphase Whitefish Blastula Cell. This cell is in very late stage of metaphase. The chromosomes are attached to the microtubules of the spindle and they are lined up across the equator of the cell in a circle that is perpendicular to cell’s long axis.

How many chromosomes are in Whitefish blastula?

Why is the Whitefish blastula used for viewing mitosis?

Two specimens are commonly used by biologists to study mitosis: the blastula of a whitefish and the root tip of an onion. The whitefish embryo is a good place to look at mitosis because these cells are rapidly dividing as the fish embryo is growing.

Can you see how many chromosomes the Whitefish has?

Two distinct groups of individuals with diploid chromosome numbers, 2n = 80 and 2n = 81 were observed.

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