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What is standard text messaging rates may apply?

What is standard text messaging rates may apply?

We’ve all seen or heard the phrases, “mobile messaging rates may apply” or “mobile data rates may apply”. These phrases simply mean that the text message and data fees that the consumer pays apply to the automated text messages that they are opting in to receive.

What is STD SMS charges apply?

As a disclaimer, Facebook wants you to know that “your mobile provider’s standard rates for sending and receiving text messages still apply.” This means that you may be charged by your carrier for any messages you send or receive. Rates will be calculated according to the terms of your cellular contract.

Do you get charged for SMS text messages?

Sometimes you might get charged for a text message even though most texts are included free in your plan or you have plenty of allowance left. This is often because your phone has converted your text (SMS) to a picture message (MMS). Picture messages aren’t included in your plan.

Can you be charged for receiving a text?

Companies can charge customers for receiving text messages – anything from competitions, the lottery through to dieting – by simply adding the cost directly to mobile phone bills. These are known as premium rate text messages.

Do I get charged for SMS messages?

Do SMS messages use data?

Sending text via SMS allows you to communicate in areas with poor or no internet because SMS does not require data to send texts. Its 160-character limit makes messages short and concise.

What does data rates may apply mean?

“Msg & data rates may apply” is a notice that depending on your customer’s cellphone plan, their carrier may charge them standard message rates and data charges to receive your text messages or reply to them.

What is a premium rate text?

Also known as ‘reverse billed’ messages, premium rate text (SMS) messages come from four, five or six-digit numbers and are normally for subscription services such as games or weather updates.

How do I stop premium rate texts?

How do I stop a premium rate subscription SMS/text service? To unsubscribe from a premium rate subscription service (a service where there is a recurring charge), send a text to the short code number for the service. Text the word STOP. Do not text any other words as it could result in you receiving even more texts.

What are data usage charges?

When you use more than the data included in your plan, you will be charged a fee for the extra data you use. The amount charged will vary from service provider to service provider and will typically be identified on your bill as a data overage charge.

Can SMS send without data?

Yes, you can send texts on Android Phones without mobile data by using the default messaging app on your android device. However, sending texts is cost-based, depending on your mobile network carrier.

Can you get charged for receiving text messages?

Re: Does it cost to receive text messages, or to read them? You are charged when they reach your phone, whether you read them or not. You can call Customer service 800-922-0204 or *611 from your handset, and ask them to block all text messages.

Can I be charged for receiving a text message?

Does text messages use data?

Messages are considered texts and don’t count toward your data usage. Your data usage is also free when you turn on chat features. Learn how to turn on chat features (RCS). Tip: You can send texts over Wi-Fi even if you don’t have cell service.

Do Emojis use data?

It’s a little known fact that, depending on your handset and network, adding an emoji – a picture icon such as a smiley or a sad face – to a text message, or sending a text to an email address, can result in you being charged as much as 40p a time.

Is texting considered data?

Free texting apps It doesn’t matter if you use Apple’s iMessage, Google Voice or a variety of third-party apps like TextFree, textPlus or WhatsApp, they all use your cellular data. If you’re just sending text-based messages, then there’s really no problem.

How are you charged for data?

With the pay-as-you-use data charging scheme, subscribers are charged based on either the total amount of hours used or the total amount of data downloaded. The latter is based on the size of the Web page, in kilobytes or megabytes. Thus, pages with only text are less expensive than pages with images.

Does SMS text cost money?

How much do SMS texts cost? While SMS text messages are free for users with unlimited texting phone plans, mobile carriers do charge customers who don’t have unlimited texting or who send SMS messages outside of covered areas. Most carriers charge the same rate for both SMS and MMS messages.

Does SMS use mobile data?

Sending text via SMS allows you to communicate in areas with poor or no internet because SMS does not require data to send texts. Its 160-character limit makes messages short and concise. It is cheaper, almost free since most mobile network carriers offer free texting plans.

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