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How can I get Pin Code of Haryana?

How can I get Pin Code of Haryana?

Haryana Pin Code is 244413. Pin Code is also known as Zip Code or Postal Code….Haryana Pin Code.

Office Haryana
Circle Uttar Pradesh
Country INDIA
Telephone No. NA

What is the real Pin Code of Haryana?

Haryana Postal Code

City/Town Pin Code District
Gurgaon Pin Code 122001 Gurgaon
Hansi Pin Code 125033 Hisar
Hisar Pin Code 125001 Hisar
Jhajjar Pin Code 124103 Jhajjar

What is the Pin Code of Bhiwani?

Bhiwani/Zip codes

How many pins are there in Haryana?

There are 19 districts in the state of Haryana. All the 19 districts of the state have a total of 2689 post offices spread across the state. Each Post Office of Haryana has a unique Pin Code….Haryana Pin Codes.

S.No. District Name No. of Post Offices
2. Bhiwani 221
3. Faridabad 128
4. Fatehabad 129
5. Gurgaon 171

What is the six digit PIN code of Haryana?

Haryana District Pin Code List

S.No. Name of District Pin Code
4 Faridabad 121002 (Faridabad City), 121001 (Faridabad NIT), 121004 (Ballabgarh)
5 Fatehabad 125050
6 Gurugram 110038, 110071, 122001, 122002, 122003, 122004, 122005
7 Hisar 125001, 125004, 125005, 125006, 125007, 125011, 125044

What is Haryana sorting l1r?

The first to digits represent the state, the second two digits represent the district and the Third two digits represents the Post Office.In this case the first two digits 13 represents the state Haryana, the second two digits 30 represent the district Ambala, and finally 01 represents the Post Office Hargolal S.O. …

What is PIN code of mewat?

Nuh Near By Pincode

Locality Pincode City
Tauru 122105 Mewat
Punhana 122508 Mewat
Umra 122108 Mewat
Firozpur Jhirka 122104 Mewat

How do I find a place by PIN Code?

Search for Post office location details by entering Pincode / PIN code. Enter the 6 digit postal Pincode to get post office location, area name and all relevent postal information. Here in you can find all relavant postal information against each pincode.

What is the pin code of Yamunanagar?

Yamuna Nagar/Zip codes

Who is MLA of Bhiwani?

Haryana Vidhan Sabha MLA

House Tenure 14
Constituency Name Bhiwani
Name Ghanshyam Saraf, Shri
Party BJP
Date Of Birth 05-11-1963

What is L2U?

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What is rewari PIN code?

123401Rewari / Zip code

What is the pincode list of Haryana?

Pincode List. List of Pincode in Haryana. 121001. 121002. 121003. 121004. 121005. 121006. 121007.

What are the borders of Haryana?

It is bordered by Punjab and Himachal Pradesh to the north, and by Rajasthan to the west and south. The river Yamuna defines its eastern border with Uttar Pradesh. Haryana surrounds the country’s capital Delhi on three sides, forming the northern, western and southern borders of Delhi.

How many post offices are there in Haryana?

You can easily filter Companies, Bank, Schools and other with pincode and its area. Their are 19 district in Haryana and the total no of Post Office is 2672. List of Pincode in Haryana.

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