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What is crochet cast on used for?

What is crochet cast on used for?

A crochet cast-on provides a clean edge for knitting projects and can be useful when adding stitches in the middle of a project. It is especially useful when completed with waste yarn for a provisional cast-on edge – see below for further information about working the crochet provisional cast-on.

Which cast on method is best?

The long tail cast-on is one of the most common cast-on methods. This is because it’s extremely versatile. While it helps create an even edge (something that can sometimes be difficult to create with the single cast-on method), it’s also a great cast-on to use on projects in which you may want a fairly elastic edging.

What is the purpose of provisional cast on?

A provisional cast-on is a way to cast on stitches using waste yarn as a temporary cast on so that it can be easily unraveled after the knitting is complete, leaving you with live stitches which you can then place on your needle.

How do you crochet a provisional cast on?

Wrap the yarn from behind the knitting needle, over the crochet hook.

  1. Draw the yarn through through the slip knot on your hook. One stitch has now been cast on.
  2. Begin at the end of the provisional cast-on where you worked the extra chain stitches. Unpick the end of the yarn until a loop is exposed.

What is the purpose of a provisional cast on in knitting?

A provisional cast-on is a temporary cast-on method that holds onto live stitches so that they can be knit into later. Designed to be removable, you cast on using waste yarn or knotting cord. We recommend using a smooth, firm yarn that’s in a contrasting color—easy to see and unzip from your live stitches.

Do I have to use a provisional cast on?

If you’re following a pattern, the pattern will specify that you need to use a provisional cast-on. Later the pattern will let you know when to return to that provisional cast-on, so you don’t have to worry about that! Most patterns, though, won’t give you instructions on how to create a provisional cast-on.

What is the point of a provisional cast on?

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