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Is West academic free?

Is West academic free?

West Academic offers the law school and practice resources you need, from popular casebooks and textbooks to online study aids. FREE 14-day digital access to select casebooks immediately upon purchase!

How do I access my West academic books?

User may license such Study Aids and obtain access online through and/or Offline access is available via the West Academic Library app, provided via the Apple App Store or Goggle Play.

How do I cancel my West academic subscription?

Call 877-888-1330, option 4.

What Is Learning Library West academic?

Learning Library Includes 12-month online access to self-assessment quizzes, leading study aids, Gilbert Law Dictionary and an outline starter.

Can you print west academic ebooks?

This collection provides all of your 1L students with downloadable eBook versions of all West Academic Publishing and Foundation Press titles adopted for their courses along with the option to purchase low-cost spiralbound versions of the materials they prefer to access in print.

Can you download ebooks from West academic?

Yes. You can download up to 30 titles at a time. Download the app for your mobile device at the Apple App Store or on Google Play. Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play and search for the West Academic Library App.

How do I download West academic ebooks?

Titles in the West Academic Study Aids Collection are available for offline reading in the RedShelf app. The RedShelf app is available through the Apple Store for iOS devices or the Google Play Store for Android devices. Download the West Academic Audio app to listen to audiobooks and lectures offline.

What is CasebookPlus?

CasebookPlus is a digitally-enhanced casebook option from West Academic. When you purchase CasebookPlus you’ll receive lifetime digital access to a downloadable casebook along with the print copy.

Can you print West Academic ebooks?

How do I download from West academic?

How to use the Audio app

  1. Download the West Academic Audio app, available free in the Apple App or Google Play.
  2. Sign in to the app with your West Academic username and password.
  3. Browse or search for an audio title.
  4. Download an entire title or individual tracks.
  5. Click play to begin listening in the app.

Does West Academic have an app?

The West Academic Library app provides offline access to titles available in your subscription to West Academic Study Aids or the West Academic Reference Collection. Sign in to the app using your West Academic username and password.

Does casebook Connect have an app?

Casebook Connect must be accessed via your device’s browser while connected to the Internet. We do not currently have an app or offline option available.

Can I download a book on casebook connect?

Can I download my casebook eBook? Yes, your eBook is downloadable and yours for life.

What is casebook connect?

Casebook Connect is the most empowering collection of digital learning tools for the modern law student. The Casebook Connect platform provides an intuitive, enhanced reading experience combined with a variety of powerful study and analytical tools to offer a personalized, measurable approach to learning the law.

Can you use casebook connect offline?

No. You currently must be connected to the Internet to use This includes getting access to the digital eBook version of the casebook, which also requires an Internet connection. Because of this, the eBook cannot be downloaded for offline reading.

Can you print West Academic eBooks?

Is there an app for casebook connect?

Can you download casebook connect books?

Is there a casebook Connect app?

Can you print from casebook connect?

Yes, you can print up to 30% of pages from any ebook available on Casebook Connect, including casebooks, coursebooks, study aids, and supplements. To Print: When on the Read page, click the Export menu at the top left.

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