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Is UM renegade worth buying?

Is UM renegade worth buying?

Don’t buy this bike because poor service facility as it’s having very few service center ,1 month Color fade , self problem, 2500 km clutch problem, mileage problem , speedometer problem, cylinder leak, chain loosening problem, back shocker problem Poor commitment on service warranty Um bike company.

Are um motorcycles any good?

Customers who bought UM’s motorcycles, however, are quite a surprising case. The motorcycles sold by UM had outrightly questionable build and material quality at first sight and the extent of low-quality was such that you didn’t need a trained eye for it.

Who makes renegade?

UM MOTORCYCLES is an American motorcycle manufacturer headquartered in Miami, FL. UM was formed in the early 2000s by the Villegas Calderon Family. The company has a distribution network in 22 nations with over 1200 outlets….UM Motorcycles.

Type Corporation
Headquarters Miami, Florida , United States

Are renegade bikes any good?

It is beautifully styled and gives off a retro feel every time you take a seat to begin your journey. Every journey will be filled with an excitement and sense of freedom that is very difficult to come by in our day and age. With the army-style look and precision, this bike is one that will never disappoint its rider.

Which company is commando bike?

Renegade Commando key highlights
Mileage 28 kmpl
Transmission 6 Speed Manual
Kerb Weight 172 kg
Fuel Tank Capacity 18 litres

Are um bikes discontinued?

UM Motorcycles, a niche motorcycle brand that entered India in 2016 in a joint venture with Lohia Auto, has stopped operations in India.

What happened to UM Motorcycles?

UM Motorcycles Discontinued In India: Stopping Production Leaving Dealers Stranded. American motorcycle manufacturer UM Motorcycles has put a stop to all its India operations because of a dispute with its domestic joint venture partner Lohia Auto.

What is the price of Commando 300 bike?

The price of Renegade Commando starts at Rs. 1.64 Lakh (ex showroom) and the 300″s price starts from Rs. 1.74 Lakh.

Is Commando a good bike?

Very bad experience. Always sound in chain sprocket, licking coolant, various sound in this bike, main thing there is nothing a good quality parts in this bike and no body can help and solve your problem. Poor bike and poor service.

Is UM renegade discontinued?

The last UM product launched was the Renegade Commando Classic, priced at Rs 1.89 lakh in September 2017. The long-drawn slowdown in the two-wheeler industry seems to have hit the company hard and production at its Kashipur plant in Uttarakhand seems to have stopped.

What happened to UM motorcycles?

Why was renegade commando discontinued?

UM Motorcycles has discontinued their sales in India. The brand which sold the Renegade cruiser has stopped its operations in the country due to low sales and lower demand. The sales figures of the UM brand had dropped to just 12 in the market during the month of March 2019.

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