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Is Iru Mugan a remake?

Is Iru Mugan a remake?

A source close to the development informs that Vikram, Nayanthara and Nithya Menen starrer 2016 Tamil film, Iru Mugan’s Hindi remake is in the works. “Anand Shankar who directed the original will helm the Hindi remake as well. He is currently working on the script after which the makers will start looking for a cast.

What is the story of Iru Mugan?

Attack on the Indian Embassy in Malaysia, Akhilan, an ex-agent assigned to track down the culprit; his investigations lead him to his old foe who has now developed a hazardous drug.Iru Mugan / Film synopsis

When did Iru Mugan release?

September 9, 2016 (USA)Iru Mugan / Release date

Who is Iru Mugan villain?

Vikram played the dual role for the first time in his career in ‘Iru Mugan’ after 26 years from his debut. More interestingly he played both the hero and the villain in the film and displayed a complete difference between two roles. It took more than 3 hours daily for Vikram to get into his tough character in the film.

Who is love in international rowdy?

Kennedy John Victor, popularly known as Vikram, plays a double role of Akhilan Vinod and Love in International Rowdy.

Who is the heroine of international rowdy?

NayantharaMeera George Akhilan
Nithya MenenAarushiRiythvikaKidnapped Girl
Iru Mugan/Actresses

Is IRU Mugan a hit?

Actor Vikram’s ‘Iru Mugan’ in its second week remains unopposed as it continues to dominate the box office in Tamil Nadu. So much so that the film has been declared this year’s third biggest hit after ‘Kabali’ and ‘Theri’.

Where can I watch international rowdy in Hindi?

You can watch International Rowdy online on ZEE5. In which language does the movie International Rowdy available? This movie is available in Hindi language. This movie is available in Sci-Fi and Suspense and Thriller genres.

Is Kadaram Kondan hit or flop?

Kadaram Kondan Is A Success According to the reports, the film is a box office hit with the Chiyaan Vikram starrer turning out to be a profitable venture for the makers. It is a welcome hit for Vikram, whose previous two movies, Saamy Square and Sketch had failed to hit the right notes.

Where can I watch international rowdy?

Watch International Rowdy Full HD Movie Online on ZEE5.

What is Nayanthara salary?

What is the Salary of Nayanthara? Nayanthara earns an estimated salary of Rs 6 crore Per Year.

Is raavanan hit or flop?

In North America, Raavan opened in 120 theaters and ranked No. 15 on the domestic weekend box office chart with $760. Box Office India declared the film a Flop.

Is anniyan movie hit or flop?

While the film received highly positive reviews from critics and audience and was a big commercial success across South India. But the Hindi version received a below average response and was a box-office failure. Because of receiving good response, Anniyan grossed ₹570 million in its lifetime run.

Who is love in International Rowdy?

Where can I watch International Rowdy in Hindi?

Who is the world’s mass hero?

1 and how he became the mass hero in the world….Who is the mass hero in the world.

Cinema type Mass Hero
Gujarati Pratik Gandhi

Who is the first Tamil actress?

Thiruvaiyaru Panchapakesa Rajalakshmi
Thiruvaiyaru Panchapakesa Rajalakshmi (11 November 1911 – 1964) is the first Tamil and Telugu film heroine, First South Indian Female Director, Screenplay Writer, Singer, Music Director and Producer. T.P. Rajalakshmi- a social reformist supported Dravidian movement and Women empowerment.

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