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Is Atlantic Records in California?

Is Atlantic Records in California?

Atlantic Records Studios – Los Angeles, CA – Music Production Studio | Facebook.

Who is signed with Atlantic Records?

They have been scouting talents since the ’40s, signing the likes of Ray Charles, Led Zeppelin, and Aretha Franklin. Highly-accredited artists of the last few decades? Think Sia, Bruno Mars, Wiz Khalifa, Ed Sheeran, Cold Play, and Skrillex.

How do I get a deal with Atlantic Records?

According to a renowned music manager, an artiste needs to have at least $500,000 (in liquid asset) or hundreds of thousands of social media followers to get signed to Atlantic Records or any other top record label. Nevertheless, talent is still irreplaceable.

How do I get in touch with a record label?

If it’s a decently sized label, I’d simply go with calling up their offices, asking for the A&R, explaining who you are and telling them that you’d love to meet. They will either tell you to send them an email first (in which case you can collect the A&R’s email), or you’ll be able to schedule a meeting straight away.

How do you know if a record label is legit?

So first and foremost you need to be looking at the reviews of record labels and who else they have put out. If the label is at all established then you are probably going to find at least some consumer and artist feedback on the label.

How do record labels contact you?

Contacting a Label That Accepts Demos. Visit your preferred label’s website and locate where to send your demo. Most labels have a website where you can find contact information. This will probably be at the top or bottom of the home page and may be accessible by clicking “Contact Us” or “Frequently Asked Questions.”

What does Atlantic Records do for artists?

The digital media team at Atlantic Records is responsible for managing the branding for a wide variety of artists of recording artists. Each artist has their own brand image that needs to be maintained and supported.

Is Atlantic Records looking for new artist?

Atlantic Records is searching for new talented artists for label roster consideration. If you have amazing work in hip-hop, pop, urban, R&B, electronica etc genres that you think could fit with our roster, please submit here. Atlantic Records is seeking urban tracks, beats/ideas for placements with their artists.

How much money does a record label take from an artist?

It’s standard for acts to receive around 15% of revenue in traditional deals, 50% with indie labels, and generally between 65% and 85% with AWAL, depending on our level of involvement and the resources we provide. Industry legalese for sales is Exploitations, btw.

How much is the average record deal?

Per IFPI, a record label will typically invest anywhere from $500,000 to $2,000,000 in a newly signed artist. That’s a wide spread to be sure, and a large amount of money from the perspective of most.

Is Atlantic Records a major label?

Atlantic Records: Company history The record label soon became highly regarded as one of America’s most important labels, specializing in jazz, R&B, and soul music. The label’s roster over the next couple of decades featured artists such as Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Sam and Dave, Ruth Brown, and Wilson Pickett.

Can you just walk into a record label?

FAQ. Can I walk into a record label? Sorry, no. Record labels are businesses like any other; you can’t just walk in without an appointment.

Which record labels are looking for new artists?

That said, at the time of writing, the following record labels are looking for artists:

  • Atlantic via Emerge (pop, R&B)
  • Babygrande (hip-hop, indie, EDM)
  • Captured Tracks (indie, post-punk)
  • Century Media (hardcore, metal, hard rock)
  • Dim Mak (electronic, punk, indie, hip-hop)
  • Domino (indie)
  • Epitaph (punk, emo)

Will a record label ask for money?

The answer is, generally, no. Record labels are the ones pouring money into the artist. They are doing all of this work upfront to hopefully make money off of you eventually; they’re not doing it for free. But they do not typically ask you for any money upfront; this is likely the preposition of a scammer!

Would a record label asking for money?

It does sound weird for a “label” to ask you for money. Generally, a label will advance costs of production and promotion (or just promotion with many indie labels). It is unusual for them to ask for money. You’re likely giving them the right to a fair…

Will record labels email you?

Most labels will have a public email that will look something like the above [email protected] address. The thing about these email addresses is that they are often checked very irregularly if at all. Sending emails to these addresses can feel like shouting at a wall.

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