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How old is Judy Durda?

How old is Judy Durda?

42 years (January 29, 1980)Julie Durda / Age

Is Julie Durda married?

David Radliffm. 2012
Bryan Francism. 2009–2010
Julie Durda/Spouse

Who is the new girl on the Weather Channel?

Jen Carfagno
Occupation Meteorologist
Years active 1998-present
Known for The Weather Channel
Notable work AMHQ

Where is Jennifer Correa now?

Jennifer Correa – Weekend Meteorologist – WFOR | CBS Miami | LinkedIn.

Where was Julie Durda born?

Sacramento, CAJulie Durda / Place of birth

Did Jacey Birch get married?

WPLG-Channel 10 morning anchorwoman Jacey Birch has filed for divorce against her husband of three years, former Local 10 weatherman Trent Aric. The move comes in the wake of an ugly incident last month in a parking lot at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood.

Who is the weather woman on the Today show?

Dylan Marie Dreyer
Dylan Marie Dreyer (born August 2, 1981) is an American television meteorologist working for NBC News. She is also an anchor on Today’s 3rd Hour. Dreyer frequently appears on Today on weekdays as a weather correspondent and as a fill-in for Al Roker and Carson Daly.

Where is Lissette Gonzalez?

The former pageant queen became an off-Broadway star, and then dabbled as a recording artist while also pursuing her television career. Gonzalez has now worked at CBS4 News in Miami as a meteorologist for the past 11 years.

Was Julie Durda a cheerleader?

Local 10 meteorologist was former Gold Rush cheerleader for 49ers. Julie Durda cheers on the 49ers…

Is Jacey Birch still with her boyfriend?

Where is Jacey Birch?

Jacey lives in Fort Lauderdale with her 2-year-old son, Jupiter, and their three rescue pups, Simba, Jagger and Radar. She is a huge animal advocate and is constantly encouraging pet parents to “adopt, don’t shop” when it comes to saving homeless animals sitting on doggy death row.

Who are the weather forecasters on the Today show?

Albert Lincoln Roker Jr. He is the current weather anchor on NBC’s Today, and occasionally co-hosts 3rd Hour Today.

How old is the weather girl on the Today show?

Born August 2, 1981, Dreyer, 40, is a television meteorologist working for NBC News.

What is Colleen Coyle doing now?

Colleen Coyle – On-Air Freelance Meteorologist – The Weather Channel | LinkedIn.

Who is Lissette Gonzalez married to?

Antonio ChinchillaLissette Gonzalez / Spouse (m. 2013)

Is Jacey Birch married?

Bobby ConsoloJacey Birch / Spouse (m.?–2013)

Where is Jacey Birch now?

Who is the weather woman on The Today Show?

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