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How much did the 2012 Olympics cost in pounds?

How much did the 2012 Olympics cost in pounds?

The cost of the London Olympics and Paralympics was £528m less than expected, according to the government. The combined budget for the two events was £9.29bn, but the cost has been revised to £8.77bn.

What is the legacy of the 2012 Olympic Games?

The London 2012 Olympic Legacy is the longer-term benefits and effects of the planning, funding, building and staging of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in summer 2012. It is variously described as: economic – supporting new jobs and skills, encouraging trade, inward investment and tourism.

How much did London lose on the Olympics?

2012 Summer Games: London budgets $5 billion but spends $18 billion. 2014 Winter Games: Sochi, Russia, budgets $10.3 billion but spends more than $51 billion.

Was the regeneration of Stratford successful?

The infrastructure improvements to what had previously been a forgotten far-eastern outpost of the capital have been phenomenal. The Olympics brought more than £9bn of investment to east London, much of which went into transport. Stratford is now second only to King’s Cross as the most connected part of London.

How much did the Stratford regeneration cost?

Negatives: The Olympic stadium is estimated to have cost £701 million pounds, almost 3 times the original estimate. £8.77 billion of tax payer’s money.

Which Olympics made the most money?

One Success Story Might Be the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics One silver lining came at the start of the millennium in Utah with the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. A local CBS affiliate reported that the 2002 Winter Games cost $2.52 billion, or $3.91 billion adjusted for inflation.

What Olympics have made money?

Los Angeles concluded the 1984 Summer Games with a $215 million operating surplus, according to the CFR, making the City of Angels the only city in the world that has ever profited from hosting the Olympic Games in the modern era.

Did any Olympics make money?

In the last 60 years, no Olympics has ever stayed on budget and almost none have turned a profit.

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