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What is California county code?

What is California county code?


County FIPS code Formed from
Alpine County 003 Amador, El Dorado, Calaveras, Mono and Tuolumne
Amador County 005 Calaveras
Butte County 007 original
Calaveras County 009 original

What is the FIPS code for California?

State FIPS Codes

Name Postal Code FIPS
Arkansas AR 05
California CA 06
Colorado CO 08
Connecticut CT 09

What is the county code for Los Angeles?

Find Area Code by Zip Code of City/Community. Ordered by Zip Code.

Zip Code City/Community Telephone Area Code (& Overlay)
90037 Los Angeles (South Los Angeles) 323
90038 Los Angeles (Hollywood) 323
90039 Los Angeles (Atwater Village, Elysian Valley, Silver Lake) 323
90040 Commerce, City of 323

What is SSA county code?

This code specifies the Social Security Administration (SSA) code for the county of identified through the beneficiary mailing address of the beneficiary. Each state has a series of codes beginning with ‘000’ for each county within that state. Certain cities within that state have their own code.

What is the area code of California?

Due to the high population, California is host to a large number of area codes. These presently include area code 209, 213, 310, 323, 408, 415, 424, 442, 510, 530, 559, 562, 619, 626, 650, 657, 661, 669, 707, 714, 747, 760, 805, 818, 831, 858, 909, 916, 925, 949, and 951.

How many counties are in California?

58 counties
California has 58 counties.

How do I find my FIPS code?

You can find FIPS Codes by starting with a ZIP Code, city or address. Using an address is the most reliable way to get precise FIPS Codes. Because ZIP Codes and cities cover large areas, a ZIP Code or city lookup may yield several FIPS Codes.

What are the California area codes?

How many area codes are in Los Angeles County?

Now, nearly 75 years after the birth of 213, Los Angeles County has 10 area codes, eight originally rooted in geography and two that float atop heavily used 310 and 818.

What is the FIPS code for California child support?

Rules and Guidelines Valid California FIPS codes are “06001” to “06115.”

What is FIPS code in Medicare?

This new value code Page 2 MLN Matters MM10782 Related CR 10782 Page 2 of 3 85 is effective on January 1, 2019, and is defined as “County Where Service is Rendered” and providers should report the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) State and County Code of the place of residence where the home health …

What are the area codes in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles Phone Numbers – Local area codes 213, 310, 424, 661, 818 and 323.

What is Southern California’s area code?

310, 213, 818: Why Southern California is obsessed with area codes.

What are the 5 largest counties in California?

Looking for a list of cities, counties or zips in California?

Rank County Population
1 Los Angeles County 10,040,682
2 San Diego County 3,323,970
3 Orange County 3,170,345
4 Riverside County 2,437,864

What is the oldest county in California?

FIRST COUNTIES FORMED The first session of the California Legislature was held from Dec. 15, 1849, to April 22, 1850, at the City of Pueblo de San Jose.

Is county FIPS the same as zip code?

ZIP Codes are collections of mail delivery routes that the USPS uses to organize and expedite mail delivery. County FIPS Codes on the other hand are a five-digit number used to designate a specific county. A county will always be assigned a single FIPS code but the county may contain dozens of ZIP Codes.

What does FIPS code mean?

Federal Information Processing System
Federal Information Processing System (FIPS) Codes for States and Counties. FIPS codes are numbers which uniquely identify geographic areas.

What are the area codes for Los Angeles California?

How many FIPS county codes are there?

3,242 counties
The following sortable table lists the 3,242 counties and county equivalents of the United States and their respective FIPS codes.

Are county FIPS codes unique?

FIPS codes for smaller geographic entities are usually unique within larger geographic entities. For example, FIPS state codes are unique within nation and FIPS county codes are unique within state.

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