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Are Mumbai suburban trains running?

Are Mumbai suburban trains running?

Presently, CR and WR are running 1702 and 1304 suburban services on Mumbai division of CR and WR respectively which is 95.70% of its total suburban services. From 28.10. 2021, Central and Western Railways will run suburban services to Pre-covid level on Mumbai division of CR and WR i.e. 100% services viz.

Can everyone travel in Mumbai local train now?

With the state government doing away with all Covid restrictions, the railways on Sunday said it has deleted the vaccination-linked option from its ticketing app with immediate effect.

When local train will start in Mumbai for public today?

Mumbai: In its latest decision on Mumbai local train services, the Indian Railways’ Central Railway(CR) and Western Railway (WR) zone has decided to run its suburban services in the city at 100 per cent capacity from October 28.

What is status of Mumbai local train today?

Mumbai Central Station Live Status

Train Time
90093 CCG BVI LOCAL Churchgate → Borivali 06:13
92006 VR BCT FAST Virar → Mumbai Central 06:15 Last
90054 BVI CCG LOCAL Borivali → Churchgate 06:16
90095 CCG VR FAST Churchgate → Virar 06:18

Can gents travel in local train?

CHENNAI: Relaxing travel restrictions, Chennai Division announced that the general public would be allowed travel in suburban trains during non-peak hours from Thursday. Further, male passengers who have received both vaccine doses can travel even during peak hours, from 7 am to 9.30 am and 4.30 pm to 7 pm.

Can general public use local train?

The state government earlier this week ordered that only fully vaccinated people, be it essential workers or the general public, will be allowed to travel via local trains and that no single-journey tickets will be issued.

Can outstation passengers travel in local train?

According to a press release, passengers who have a valid and confirmed ticket for any outstation train are allowed to buy a non-return local train ticket. Similarly, those arriving in the city by long-distance trains can also travel by local trains within six hours.

When did Mumbai local train start?

The name ‘local’ was introduced for the first time in the railway’s timetable on February 1, 1865, for the section up to Kalyan to the north and Mahim to the west. Over the last 97 years, the suburban rail service of the city has grown rapidly.

Who all are allowed in local train?

Till now, only government employees and essential services staffers are allowed to travel on suburban trains, apart from the fully-vaccinated citizens, who have completed the 14 days after the second dose and those who are below 18 years.

Can I travel in Mumbai local train without universal pass?

From October 30, the state government allowed citizens to travel on suburban trains by obtaining single journey tickets, but passengers had to produce a universal pass for this. At present, passengers have to produce their universal passes at ticket counters to buy tickets.

How can I get e pass for Mumbai local train?

Steps to Avail Monthly E-pass for Mumbai Local Train

  1. Log on to the website.
  2. Go to this option – “Travel Pass for Vaccinated Citizens.”
  3. Input your mobile number which was registered during Cowin Registration.
  4. You will receive an OTP.
  5. The moment you type in your OTP on the page, additional details shall be auto-filled.

Can we travel in train without vaccine?

The state government on Wednesday told the Bombay high court that allowing everyone, irrespective of their vaccination status, to travel by public transport will not only endanger lives but also negate all its efforts taken so far to prevent Covid-19 transmission.

Who are allowed to board Mumbai local train?

The Maharashtra government on Tuesday said that only fully vaccinated people will be allowed to board local trains in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region from Wednesday. Earlier, the state had allowed workers from essential services and government personnel to travel in trains irrespective of their vaccination status.

Can outstation passengers travel in Mumbai local train?

Passengers commuting on long-distance trains will now be able to take the Mumbai suburban locals, said Ministry of Railway on Thursday. According to a press release, passengers who have a valid and confirmed ticket for any outstation train are allowed to buy a non-return local train ticket.

Are local trains open for general public?

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