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Why did they change Aeris to Aerith?

Why did they change Aeris to Aerith?

The difference comes from two interpretations of the English spelling of her Japanese name, pronounced “Earisu.” The original Final Fantasy 7 localization team transliterated this to Aeris, but that spelling missed the fact that her name is meant to be a near-anagram of the word “earth.” Aerith has a strong connection …

How do I not get caught with Aeris?

Aeris asks Cloud to become her bodyguard. Cloud accepts and tries to escape with her. Push the barrel on the ceiling to help Aeris get away from enemies. Correct order of pushing the barrel is left barrel, a barrel on the back, and the right barrel.

How do you get Don Aeris to do Corneo?

If Cloud obtains all of the highest grade items (a silk dress, a diamond tiara, a blonde wig, and sexy cologne) Corneo will choose him. The quality of the make-up work Cloud can have done is random, and the Bikini Briefs and Lingerie key items do not affect the value at all.

Should I take Aeris home or to Sector 7?

If you pick the dialogue option “Go on to Sector 7” Aeris’s approval will rise a bit (Aeris +1), while picking “Take her home” will do nothing. Talk to Aeris after she wanders off and endure some more banter about Cloud’s past in SOLDIER. Shortly a wagon will show up, bearing a familiar passenger.

Is Cloud in love with Aerith or Tifa?

Cloud has no choice to make. His love of Tifa helps him recall why he loves Aerith; loving Aerith healed the affectations that prevented him from loving Tifa. The girls never compete over him — they love each other, too. Thinking he’s “with” one girl more than the other is missing the point.

Can you revive Aeris?

So in short there is absolutely no way of reviving Aeris – once she is dead, she stays dead. Players who really want her in their party can have her in there by using a Cheat disk. However, this cheat version of Aeris cannot be spoken to, because it causes the game to crash.

What happens if Aerith catches?

If she catches you, Aeris will not like you so much. This is good if you prefer Tifa. If you manage to get downstairs without getting caught, you’re home free. Once you’re out of the house leave Sector 5 town and head back out.

Is Tifa Cloud’s girlfriend?

Cloud’s traditional partner in crime, and to many fans Cloud’s one true bae, Tifa is Cloud’s childhood friend from many years ago. The person who gets Cloud recruited to Avalanche, Tifa is a kindhearted soul with a warrior’s spirit.

Does Don Corneo always pick Cloud?

Unlike the original, Corneo will always choose Cloud (‘the big boned girl’) regardless of the dress the characters end up wearing, so Trophies aside, this is a purely aesthetic choice.

Why does Cloud dress like a girl?

Aeris then proposes that Cloud dresses up like a woman to fool the guard into allowing them to see Corneo so they can continue with their mission.

How do I get from Aerith to orphanage?

First, go up the middle ladder to push the large Shinra container all the way back, then go up the ladder on the left side and go across using the bars. On the other side you can pull the switch to let Aerith through, then continue along the path to the Slums.

Who was the first guy Aerith ever loved?

Zack was the first person Aerith loved, thus creating an emotional connection between herself and Cloud, because he reminds her of him. Originally, the role of her first love was to have been fulfilled by the game’s antagonist Sephiroth.

Why not use a Phoenix Down on Aerith?

Simply put, Phoenix Down revives a character from KO status, not death. It doesn’t revive dead people. If that were the case, no one would ever die. Aerith was dead.

Do you lose Aeris Materia?

No, her materia is automatically returned to you. You do lose her weapon and armor, but you get to keep her accessory.

Can you save Aerith in the remake?

Final Fantasy VII Remake has the chance to save Aerith’s life, but that would have major ramifications on the story, and not all of them are positive.

Can you bring Aeris back to life in ff7?

Should I drink the mystery drink FF7?

If Cloud doesn’t drink the mystery drink there are no repercussions either. Skipping on the drink does not negatively effect him and it doesn’t impact the relationship with Aerith. While some had likely hoped that the mystery drink would be a buff or offer SP for weapon upgrades, but it is merely a MacGuffin.

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