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Why did Rahul declared Sachin on 194?

Why did Rahul declared Sachin on 194?

I was batting for the team as well. Yes, I had scored 194, but the 194 was meant to help the team and it was my individual contribution to the team’s cause. So to say that the decision was taken in the best interest of the team, wasn’t correct,” Tendulkar had said.

WHO declared when Sachin was on 194?

Recalling the infamous declaration call from the 2004 Test in Multan, Yuvraj Singh said India could have declared after Sachin Tendulkar got his double hundred. Tendulkar was stranded on 194 when Rahul Dravid declared India’s first innings against Pakistan.

How many balls has Sachin faced?

Former England batsman Leonard Hutton holds the record for most balls faced in a Test innings. Hutton tops the list after having played 847 deliveries against Australia in 1938, scoring 364 runs….Most balls faced in Test.

Player Sachin Tendulkar
Team India
Test matches played 200
Balls faced 29,437

How many times Sachin got out in 90+?

India’s most renowned cricketer Sachin Tendulkar has scored in 90s 18 times in ODIs and 10 times in Test cricket and holds the record for highest number of dismissals in the 90s (a total of 28 times) across all forms of international cricket.

Is Dravid better than Sachin?

In overall Test wins, Dravid scores 65.78 runs an innings while Tendulkar isn’t too far back at 61.94. If you take their overall overseas Test record, Dravid has scored 7,690 runs in 94 matches at 53.03 with Tendulkar managing a marginally better average of 54.75 while gathering 8,705 runs in 106 Tests.

Why did Dravid declare when Sachin was on 196?

Rahul Dravid’s version: The stand-in Indian captain confirmed that it was his call to declare at that point with his team’s interests in mind. Dravid wanted Pakistan to bat in the final hour and didn’t like to change his plans with the approaching milestone of Tendulkar.

When did Sachin came to bat Rahul?

Answer: When Sachin came in to bat,Rahul had been batting for 2hours.

Who Faced 30000 balls in cricket?

Rahul Dravid
31,258: ICC shares Rahul Dravid’s iconic Test record The ICC’s post on Twitter read: “31,258 – Rahul Dravid has faced more balls than anyone else in Test cricket. No other batsman has even crossed 30,000 deliveries!

How many times Virat got out on 99?

Player Runs Balls
SR Tendulkar 99 91
JP Duminy 99 103
TM Dilshan 99 110
V Kohli 99 100

Was Gavaskar better than Tendulkar?

“Tendulkar, no doubt, was a great batsman, but Gavaskar was the greatest. The quality of fast bowlers that Gavaskar faced throughout his career, without a helmet, cannot be matched by any other player from any era,” he said.

Who is the highest score in Test cricket?

West Indies batsman Brian Lara has the highest individual score in Test cricket: he scored 400 not out against England in 2004 to surpass the innings of 380 by Matthew Hayden six months earlier. Lara had held the record before Hayden, with a score of 375 against England 10 years earlier.

When did Sachin came to bat Rahul had batting for two hours?

Answer: Ans will be waited.

Who faced 500 balls in Test cricket?

Before Pujara, Dravid had played a marathon knock of 270 against Pakistan in Rawalpindi in 2004 and took 495 balls….Cheteshwar Pujara becomes first Indian to face 500 balls in Test innings.

Player Cheteshwar Pujara
Run 202
Balls faced 521
Opposition Aus
Year 2017

Who made 1 run in 100 balls?

No, Rahul Dravid did not faces 100 balls to make his 1st run. Moreover, During the 2008 Sydney Test between Australia and India, Dravid took 40 deliveries to score his first run. This was the same match in which the infamous Monkeygate incident occurred.

Who scored most balls to score 1?

Most Balls Faced in Test

# Player Balls
1 L Hutton 847
2 GM Turner 759
3 RB Simpson 743
4 SG Barnes 667

Who faced most balls in ODI?

So , let’s see which are the Top 10 players who have played the most number of balls in ODI cricket.

  • Sachin Tendulkar (21368 Balls):
  • Kumar Sangakkara (18048 Balls):
  • Ricky Ponting (17046 Balls):
  • Mahela Jayawardene (16020 Balls):
  • Jacques Kallis (15885 Balls):
  • Inzamam-Ul-Haq (15812 Balls):
  • Sourav Ganguly (15416 Balls):

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