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Why did Kongregate shut down?

Why did Kongregate shut down?

As well as needing to reflect broader changes in the gaming industry, Kongregate told that the COVID-19 pandemic has also had a negative impact on its business. “That’s why we had to take this unfortunate step to reshape our organization,” it said.

Is Kongregate over?

On July 1, 2020, Kongregate announced the discontinuation of submissions as it prepared for the end-of-life for Adobe Flash Player by December 31, 2020, during which time the software required to run most of its games would be disabled in some browsers.

Is there a Jacksmith 2?

Jacksmith 2 is a sequel to Jacksmith, this time it has more types of weapons and different enemies and warriors.

How can I play video games without getting caught at school?

Make sure you close and lock the door of the room where you’re playing. If you leave the door open, you’re basically asking to get caught. Close and lock the door while you play. If someone knocks, tell them you were just changing, then close the game and quickly put on a different shirt.

How much is Kongregate worth?

$55 million
On June 20, 2017, Kongregate announced it had closed a deal to be acquired by Swedish entertainment company Modern Times Group for $55 million.

Is Kongregate defunct?

Kongregate will be effectively dead by the end of the year. My guess is it will still be up in 2021, but it will be almost unrecognizable. They might even change the name, because now the name “Kongregate” is forever tainted, and they will want to move away from it.

Is Bluemaxima flashpoint safe?

We’ve done our best to ensure the collection is as safe as it can be, but despite our efforts, certain antiviruses such as Avast and AVG tend to detect important components as being dangerous.

What does luck do in Jacksmith?

Luck is very useful in Jacksmith because it increases the chance of gaining more green gems (the currency of the game which can be spent in Gander’s shop) and boosted weapon parts.

What is the blacksmith game on cool math?

In Jacksmith: Cool math crafting blacksmith game y8, you are a blacksmith crafting a wide range of weapons for all of your warriors. Crafting weapons is completely hands-on. Choose your ore, choose your mold, melt it, pour it, construct it, and design it.

Is gaming good for ADHD?

Researchers interpreted the findings to suggest that video game playing can “compound kids’ existing attention problems.” But the study results don’t offer supporting evidence that the games cause or worsen the attention problems — they just suggest that kids who play the most have more severe ADHD symptoms.

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