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What happened at the end of American Dragon: Jake Long?

What happened at the end of American Dragon: Jake Long?

In the series finale, he captured Lao-Shi in order to blackmail Jake into betraying the dragons of the world. In the end, he was defeated by Jake and Rose when he was sucked into a portal where he will be imprisoned for, according to Fu, 1,000 years, or at least for the time being.

What happened to Jake and Rose American Dragon?

In Season 2, Rose’s first Dragon killing was Jake, but thanks to the potion he and Spud made, Jake was alive once more. In Season 2, it showed Rose had a twin, but this sibling was not seen. It seems that after she and the Huntsman left their tower, she now lives in a broken down subway.

Does Rose find out Jake is a dragon?

Her secret identity was exposed while on a school ski trip weekend, even though she was unaware Jake was a dragon and thus knew it until much later.

What episode does Rose find out Jake is a dragon?

“American Dragon: Jake Long” The Hunted (TV Episode 2006) – IMDb.

When did American Dragon Jake Long start and end?

American Dragon: Jake Long was created by Jeff Goode. Disney Channel ordered an initial twenty-one 30 minute episodes for the first season, and the series premiered on January 21, 2005. After its cancellation, reruns continued to air from 2007 to 2010.

What are the running gags in the movie Jake and the Dragon?

A running gag involves the mention of his embarrassing secrets like having a teddy bear collection and sleeping with a nightlight to blemish his reputation. His dragon abilities include flight, fire breath, a prehensile tail, and sharp claws along with others. Luong Lao Shi ( Keone Young ): Jake’s grandpa who was formerly the Chinese Dragon.

What is the name of Jake’s little sister in dragon powers?

Haley Kay Long ( Amy Bruckner ): Jake’s seven-year-old intelligent, talented, over-achieving, but annoying little sister who also has dragon powers. She takes pride in her ability to expose all of Jake’s secrets and highlight her own.

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