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Who leaked the picture of the Arrow?

Who leaked the picture of the Arrow?

The Person who doctored the photo of Oliver as the Green Arrow | Fandom. What did whoever it was who did hope to gain? It was Adrian Chase / Prometheus, they revealed a couple episodes prior. It was revealed that Prometheus had set the photo to leak to the media in case he died.

Who is the blonde girl in Arrow season 2?

Sara Lance was originally portrayed by Jacqueline MacInnes Wood in the pilot episode, and has since been continually portrayed by Caity Lotz.

Who is the mystery girl in Arrow season 2?

Arrow Mystery Solved: Laurel’s Season 2 Storyline Is to [Spoiler] the Vigilante! She’s MIA from Season 2’s first episodic pics. She landed in the back row of the new cast photo. And glammish geek girl Felicity and someone else playing Black Canary have commanded the female-centric buzz.

Who is the girl in the black suit in Arrow?

The face behind the Black Canary mask is a familiar one, and as season two of The CW’s Arrow unfolds, the twists keep on coming. Who is that familiar face? Sara Lance, Laurel Lance’s sister, who was thought to be dead following the sinking of the Queen’s Gambit.

Is Oliver Queen impeached?

Oliver is impeached and Quentin becomes the new Mayor of Star City. Diaz tells Laurel that, since Oliver has been impeached, it is time to inform the crime families across the country that Star City is open for business.

Why was Oliver Queen impeached?

This week on “Fighting Fire with Fire,” Oliver Queen faced impeachment as his connection to a cover-up was brought under investigation. Amidst these allegations of corruption, Oliver was targeted by the Vigilante who, up until this episode, was believed to be District Attorney Adrian Chase.

Why did Arrow recast Sara?

Sara Lance Wood only appeared in one episode in the first season, so it was easy to forget her role by the time she showed up in Season 2 in a more substantial part. The reason for the recasting was due to scheduling conflicts since Sara would be more of a lead on the show going forward.

How did Sara Lance get pregnant?

Sara learned she got pregnant by Ava and helped Gwyn save Alun by making a deal with Mike who tricked the Legends later on. Sara said goodbye to Nate and got arrested by the Time police for violating the timeline.

Is Evelyn Sharp evil?

Evelyn has become quite hypocritical and delusional, claiming that “this city needs to be saved from [Oliver]” when she is actually a villain herself in allying with Adrian, knowing full well that the latter is far more evil than Oliver ever was, having committed a killing spree just to make a point.

Is Sara Lance a clone?

Sara Lance (December 25, 1987 – October 8, 2014; November 2015 – 2021; resurrected in a clone body 2021) is the daughter of Quentin and Dinah Lance, the younger sister of the late Laurel Lance, and the leader of the Legends following the departure of the team’s founder, Rip Hunter.

What is Oliver Queen’s tattoo?

TIL that the Chinese symbol tattoos Oliver Queen has on Arrow don’t make sense. They mean “mouse”, “ginger”, “Yao” (a surname), and “pig”.

Who is the main villain in Arrow?

1. Slade Wilson/Deathstroke. Slade Wilson is not just Arrow’s best main villain, but he’s also one of the show’s best characters, period.

How did Sara get pregnant legends of tomorrow?

Current timeline. After her mothers Sara Lance and Ava Sharpe retired, the two planned to have a child, initially through a donor and Ava becoming pregnant. However, when Sara and Ava thought of the idea, Sara ovulated. A kiss Sara shared with Ava allowed Ava’s DNA to travel into Sara’s body, making her pregnant.

Why did they change Diggle’s daughter to a son?

Due to the events of The Flash episode “Flashpoint”, Diggle’s family history is altered: his daughter Sara has been erased from existence and replaced by John “J.J.” Diggle, Jr., as a result of a timeline change caused by Eobard Thawne, correcting the Flashpoint reality created by Barry Allen.

What episode is Sara pregnant?

Rate of Exchange (episode)
Rate of Exchange (episode)

Does Ava marry Sara?

Sara Lance and Ava Sharpe do get married in the Legends of Tomorrow season 6 finale but with a big Legends twist, of course.

Who betrayed Team Arrow?

2 Oliver Betrays Team Arrow In season 6, after Oliver learns that Renee was testifying against him, it doesn’t take long for it to be revealed that Oliver himself was surveying the team. Upon learning that Oliver doesn’t trust the team, Dinah Curtis and Renee all quit Team Arrow and do things their own way.

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