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Who is the owner of JS Bank?

Who is the owner of JS Bank?

Jahangir Siddiqui & Co.JS Bank / Parent organizationJahangir Siddiqui & Co. is a Pakistani financial services company, founded in 1971 by Jahangir Siddiqui, and is based in Karachi, Pakistan. The company controls and operates financial services companies in Pakistan. Wikipedia

Is JS Bank private or government?

JS Bank Limited (JSBL) (جے ایس بینک لمیٹڈ) is a Pakistani commercial bank headquartered in Karachi, Pakistan. The bank is a prominent majority-owned subsidiary of JS Group….JS Bank.

Type Public
Industry Banking, Finance, Investment Banking
Founded April 2007
Founder Jahangir Siddiqui
Headquarters Karachi, Pakistan

Who is owner of Meezan Bank?

Mr. Irfan Siddiqui
Mr. Irfan Siddiqui is the founding President and Chief Executive Officer of Meezan Bank.

Is JS an Islamic bank?

JS Bank Limited is one of the fastest growing commercial banks in Pakistan with a large branch network in 112 cities. At JS Bank all the products and services have been tailored to suit the clients’ preferences, ensuring their complete satisfaction.

Who is husband of Sultana Siddiqui?

Duraid Qureshi
She is married to Duraid Qureshi and is a daughter-in-law of Hum Network president and founder, Sultana Siddiqui….

Momina Duraid
Born Momina Duraid
Occupation producer director
Known for Senior producer and creative head of television network Hum TV CEO Momina Duraid Productions
Spouse(s) Duraid Qureshi

What is the ranking of JS Bank in Pakistan?

Rating of the Company The Pakistan Credit Rating Agency Limited (PACRA) has upgraded the long-term entity rating of JS Bank Limited (JSBL) to ‘AA- (Double A Minus) [previously ‘A+ (A Plus)]. Meanwhile, short-term entity rating is maintained at ‘A1+’ (A One Plus).

How many JS Bank branches in Pakistan?

Focus continued on improving the level of service delivery at branch locations across Pakistan. Having a network of 238 branches across 122 cities and a competitive set of banking products and services, our customers’ growing trust and confidence in our services will lead us to grow from strength to strength.

Is Meezan Bank profit Halal?

Truly Halal and Absolutely Riba-Free! The Certificate of Islamic Investment (COII) is a Mudarabah-based deposit product through which you can invest your savings for periods ranging from 3 months to 1 year and earn Halal profit on a periodic basis.

Which is best Islamic bank in Pakistan?

Meezan Bank, the best bank in Pakistan and the first and largest Islamic bank, is listed on the stock exchange company with a paid-up capital of Rs. 14.1 billion. It is one of the rapid growing financial companies.

Who is CEO of Hum?

Duraid Qureshi is the CEO and co-founder of Hum Network Ltd. He started his career in Treasury trading and after completing MBA joined Al Abbas sugar mills Ltd as Chief Operation Officer and Resident Director. In 2001 joined as a CEO of Moomal Productions and turned it into the largest production house in the country.

Who is owner of Hum news?

Momina Duraid
Hum News is one of Pakistan’s 24-hour Urdu news channel….Hum News.

Headquarters Islamabad, Pakistan
Language(s) Urdu
Owner Hum Network Limited (by Momina Duraid)

Which private bank is best in Pakistan?


  • #1. Habib Bank Limited (HBL):
  • #2. National Bank of Pakistan:
  • #3. Meezan Bank:
  • #4. Bank Alfalah:
  • #5. MCB Bank:
  • #6. United Bank Limited:

Where is JS Bank head office?

Karachi, PakistanJS Bank / Headquarters

Which bank gives more profit in Pakistan?

1. National Bank of Pakistan. National Bank of Pakistan, being state-owned, remained the most profitable bank. It surpassed MCB Bank, which recorded the highest profit in the industry at the end of 2018.

Is Islamic banking Halal?

If a transaction is done according to the rules of Islamic Shariah it is halal even if the end result of the product may look similar to conventional banking product.

Who is Sultana Siddiqui?

Sultana Siddiqui (Urdu: سُلطانہ صدیقی), also known as Sultana Apa (Urdu: سُلطانہ آپا), is a Pakistani media mogul, television director, and producer who is the founder of Hum Network Limited. Siddiqui is an active director of Hum Network Limited and the president of Hum Network Limited.

Who is Sultana Siddiqui husband?

How old is Habib Bank?

1964 HBL opened the first of four branches in Mauritius and a branch in Beirut. 1966 HBL opened the first of eight branches in the UAE. 1967 Hyder Mohamedali Habib founded Habib Bank AG Zurich Zurich. After Pakistan nationalized Habib Bank Ltd in 1974, this became the main branch of the family held Habib Bank.

How many branches does JS Bank have?

Having a network of 238 branches across 122 cities and a competitive set of banking products and services, our customers’ growing trust and confidence in our services will lead us to grow from strength to strength.

Is Meezan Bank profit halal?

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