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Where are stealth caravans made?

Where are stealth caravans made?

Premium South African Caravan Manufacturer With the launch of their Evolution XR model in early 2018, Stealth Caravans quickly made inroads within the on-road caravan space attracting local caravan users and dealers nationwide with its unique structure and modern looks.

What is a stealth caravan?

The new Stealth X range of caravans made by Dunster House, was introduced at the International Caravan and Motorhome Show at the NEC in October. Built on AL-KO chassis, with traditional sandwich panel construction technique the three model range comprises the X53 two berth model, the four berth X58 and six berth X63.

How many beds does a 4 berth caravan have?

4-berth caravans Generally, 4-berth touring caravans consist of a front lounge living area that converts into extra beds and either a fixed double bed or 2 fixed single beds at the rear.

What is the narrowest touring caravan?

The multi-award winning Ariva has the narrowest and one of the lightest bodies of its rivals while also being the most luxurious.

What is the best off road caravan in South Africa?

For three years running, the Conqueror Commander has been named the Caravan of the Year by South Africa’s top-selling caravan and camping resort guide, The Great Outdoors Guide, handily outpacing all other local off-road caravans.

Which Caravan is best to buy?

The best caravan to buy in 2022

  1. Bailey Pegasus – Best value caravan overall. Bailey Pegasus is the best value caravan overall.
  2. Swift Challenger – Best Light Caravan.
  3. Swift Sprite – Best Budget Caravan.
  4. Jayco Journey – Best value off-road caravan.
  5. NextGen Matai – Best Luxury Offroad Caravan.

How much is a new age Gecko caravan?

From$46,490. *Price is indicative of the base level product and includes GST.

Can I change the layout of my caravan?

Layout Change We all know you can’t change a layout of a caravan like you can move the furniture around your house, so it’s a replacement that’s needed.

How big is a 4 berth caravan?

Full Range Specifications

Specifications 495 (2 berth) 845 (4 berth)
Overall Length# 6.59m / 21’7” 7.97m / 26’2”
Awning A/A Dimension 9.28m / 30’5” 10.49m / 34’5”
Mass in Running Order (inc. tolerance) 1451kg / 28.6cwt 1783 / 35.1cwt
Maximum Technical Permissable Laden Mass (MTPLM) (Lower Limit) 1577kg / 31.0cwt 1943kg / 38.2cwt

Do go pods have toilets?

Every Go-Pod has a compact, flushable camping toilet that’s fully functional and space saving.

What is a 4 berth touring caravan for sale UK?

A 4 berth touring caravan for sale UK usually has a fixed double bed and 2 single berths at the front or rear of the caravan. These caravans may also be referred to as two plus two. In the majority of UK caravans, the seating area doubles up as your sleeping area are equivalent to two single beds or another double.

Which is the best 4-berth caravan for families?

Hobby is a well-established caravan manufacturer, and the Prestige 660 4-berth caravan is great value for money. It has a spacious lounge area with padded wall seating that surrounds a rectangular wooden table, meaning that the entire family can sit together.

What is the longest 4-berth caravan on the market?

The Altrea Dart is one of the longer 4-berth caravans featured on our list at just over 8 metres. This caravan is modern and airy, featuring pale blue bench seating, a large front-facing window and sunroof that floods the space with natural daylight.

Should you buy a luxury 4 berth caravan from Raymond James?

If you’re looking for a luxury 4 berth caravan, this should definitely be on your shortlist. It’s a dealer special from Raymond James, based in Warwickshire, based on the popular Elddis Avanté 550, which features a longitudinal island bed and a cleverly designed en-suite washroom.

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