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What year is a 76 series Land Cruiser?

What year is a 76 series Land Cruiser?

Launched in March 2007 the LandCruiser 76 Series was essentially a smaller Troop Carrier. Its shed was old: the front of the LandCruiser 76 wagon was new metal, but it faired into bodywork that dated back to the Bundera 70 Series two-door wagon.

How much is a 76 series Land Cruiser?

Don’t forget, this 2020 Toyota LandCruiser 76 GXL has a list price of $69,090 before on-road costs. And although prices vary from state to state, all of Toyota’s advertised drive-away prices sit some distance above $75,000. Three-quarters of the way towards six figures.

Is the 76 series a good 4WD?

As impressive as ever. This is a purpose-built off-road truck and nothing has changed in terms of its 4WD set-up for ages, so it’s still as brutally effective off-road as it’s ever been.

Are 76 series worth it?

The ride is definitely tolerable but it could be softer. It also feels quite tall, and it wallows around corners with little-to-no handling prowess. It has a claimed turning circle of 12.6 metres. No one will buy a 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser 76-series for its handling ability and rightly so.

What engine is in a 76 series?

V8 single turbo-diesel
70th Anniversary 76 Series specs

ENGINE V8 single turbo-diesel
MAX POWER 151kW at 3400rpm
MAX TORQUE 430Nm at 1200 to 3200rpm
GEARBOX Five -speed manual
4X4 SYSTEM Part-time 4WD w/ locking front hubs

What year is a 78 series Land Cruiser?

Toyota Landcruiser 75 & 78 Series (1985-2002)

How much is a Troopy worth?

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*Private Price Guide $77,900 – $84,100
*Trade In Price Guide $69,500 – $75,700
*Average Km 40,000 – 60,000
*Price When New $72,190* Price Guide (EGC)

What is the difference between a 70 Series and a 79 series Landcruiser?

And if you want to get more technical, the full nomenclature also includes a reference to the engine: VDJ79, for example, is a 70 Series ute with a 1VD-FTV diesel V8, while a HZJ78 would be a Troopcarrier with the six-cylinder 1HZ under the bonnet. Or, HDJ79 would be a single-cab ute with the 1HD motor.

What year is a 79 series Land Cruiser?

If you’re curious about the dimensions of the 79 Series… Its typically sized: 5220mm long, 1955 to 1970 high and 1790 to 1870mm wide.

Is Toyota stopping Land Cruiser?

After over 60 years of off-road adventures, the Toyota Land Cruiser has been discontinued, making 2021 the vehicle’s last model year. For current Land Cruiser owners, rest assured that you’ll still receive top-quality service from your local Toyota Service Center.

How wide is a 76 series LandCruiser?

The LandCruiser measures 1940mm (76.4 inches) in height, 4770mm (187.8 inches) in length, 1870mm (73.6 inches) in width with a 2730mm (107.5 inches) wheelbase that brings about a total of 2230kg (4916.3 lbs) of unladen weight.

What year is a 75 series Land Cruiser?

The 75 Series only ran from 1984 to 1999. The 75 Series tag was applied to all the long-wheelbase variants including the pick-up, cab-chassis and the Troop Carrier. That said, the 75 name was dropped for those vehicles in 1999 when Toyota facelifted the model.

What engine is in a 78 series?

All variants have manual transmission and are powered by the 1FZ-FE, 4.5 litre, six-cylinder petrol or the 1HZ, 4.2 litre, six-cylinder diesel engine.

Are Troopys reliable?

The Troopy is a reliable vehicle that can withstand the harsh conditions of any terrain. If you are looking for an adventure vehicle, the Toyota Land Cruiser Troopy would be a great choice. The Troopy will take you on a road trip unlike any other.

How much is it for a Troopy roof conversion?

Aluminum construction adds strength to the roof of the troopy: replacing thin sheet metal with bracketed aluminum. This also allows for rack accessories to be added to the roof system. The AluCab Hercules Conversion lists at $9000 with $500 shipping to the west coast. Installation ranges from $1500-2000.

Are 79 series worth the money?

The 79 Series has a reputation of toughness and longevity. It can give you long years of driving and fun outback adventure. So, yes! It is worth your money, and it is the perfect car for you if you have the heart for off-road adventures.

How much is a 79 series LandCruiser worth?

The popular 79 Series double-cab GXL gets the biggest price bump: up $3860 to $75,600 before on-road costs. Headlining the updates is a new infotainment system, which measures in at 6.1 inches, and includes navigation and Bluetooth connectivity.

Is 79 a twin turbo?

If you can do without the creature comforts and the extra grunt from the twin-turbo-diesel, the 79 Series GXL will still get the job done and it’s arguably a more capable off-roader.

Why do terrorists use Toyota?

For more than a quarter-century, Toyota’s sturdiest pickups and SUVs have been the Taliban’s vehicles of choice. They’re rugged enough for Afghanistan’s terrain, and they have air-conditioning to beat the summer heat.

Why do Land Cruisers cost so much?

And thanks to its rarity in America, prices will only get higher. Because they’re so reliable and tough, Toyota Land Cruisers hold their value well. This means that, while other cars quickly depreciate over the years, a used Land Cruiser can be valuable for years.

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