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What ships do Romulans have?

What ships do Romulans have?

Romulan Star Empire starships.

Name Class/Type Year(s) of service
Pi Scout ship 2366
Scimitar Reman warbird 2379
Shaenor Scout ship 2380s
T’Met D’deridex-class 2374

How many ships does the Romulan Empire have?

The Imperial Romulan fleet is made up of thirty legions of warships, rotated around the Star Empire. There are between 5 – 6000 warships, as opposed to Starfleet at 8000 and Klingons at 11000.

How many ships does the Romulan fleet have?

Picard, suspecting that the Romulans are supporting the Duras, gathers a fleet of Starships at the Klingon-Romulan border in order to prevent supplies from crossing. Again he has a matter of a day or two, but is able to assemble a fleet of over twenty Starships for the mission.

Why are the Romulans at war with the Federation?

According to the series, the Romulans started the war out of fear of the birth of the Coalition of Planets, by attacking proposed member Coridanite (thus delaying their entrance into the alliance until The Original Series) and then by attacking a number of Coalition ships using a telecapture device and destroying the …

What are Romulan war ships called?

Originally, “Warbird” was a name for the Romulan capital ships, such as the D’deridex class that first appeared in TNG: “The Neutral Zone”. In more recent years, however, Trek writers and producers customarily use “warbird” as an umbrella term for any Romulan (and even Klingon!) ships.

What is the name of the Romulan ship in Star Trek?

Romulan warbird
The largest and most powerful of Romulan spacecraft, first detected in late 2364 by the Federation in the first Romulan meeting in 53 years. Nearly twice the length overall of a Galaxy-class starship, this vessel used an artificial quantum singularity to power its warp-drive system.

What do Romulans call their ships?

Who is more powerful Romulans or Klingons?

Agreed, The Making of Star Trek states that the Romulan Star Empire encompasses several star systems, but also says that the Klingons are more “powerful” than the Romulans.

Do the Romulans ever join the Federation?

Joining the Federation In 2414, the remaining Romulans decided to join the Federation. They were given permission to colonize certain parts of Mars or return to Vulcan. Most Romulans chose Mars. By the late 26th century, the race was no longer considered endangered.

How are Romulan ships powered?

The Romulans use contained singularities as a power source because they are less reliant on computers than the antimatter warp cores employed by other species. Consider first that the Romulans are the only species that appears to use this technology.

How big is a Romulan warbird?

Nevertheless, he was still remembered in the Romulan Empire with the namesake of this 24th-century warbird. At 603 meters in length, the Valdore was not a small vessel. Its sleek design carried familiar characteristics that were a staple of Romulan design.

What class of ship was the USS Kelvin?

Kelvin Class

Universe : Prime Timeline
Affiliation : fed
Class Name : Kelvin Class
Type : Survey / exploration ship
Unit Run : NCC 0514 USS Kelvin – Destroyed [1] plus 10 others built in total. 3 have been lost in all. 8 have been retired from service.

What is the coolest Star Trek ship?

The Best Star Trek Starships

  • Vulcan Suurok Class.
  • Constitution Class Retcon.
  • Borg Cube.
  • Prometheus Class.
  • Constellation Class.
  • Defiant Class Escort.
  • Constitution Class, Kelvin Timeline.
  • Romulan Valdore Class Warship.

What is the biggest Borg ship?

The Borg Cube
The Borg Cube is the most common ship design used by the Collective. They are the mighty gigantic dreadnoughts of the Borg fleet….Obi-Wan Takes the High Ground! – The Loop.

Ship Information
Maximum Warp Factor: 9.98
Known Vessels of this Class: “System J-25” cube, Cube 461, Cube 630, Cube 1184

Why are Romulan ships green?

Romulans, on the other hand, well, their ships are supposed to be massive, powerful warships and they made their warships the colour of their own blood. In this case, the colour of blood is green so they would be instinctively inclined to associate the colour green with violence just like we do with the colour red.

Why do Klingons and Romulans have the same ships?

During the shooting of the Enterprise Incident, they were unhappy with how the Bird of Prey model was looking, so they made a quick change to the script and reused the Klingon model. The ship we all know as the Klingon Bird of Prey was actually designed to be a Romulan ship. It was designed for Star Trek III.

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