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What landmark is used to measure palmar abduction of the thumb?

What landmark is used to measure palmar abduction of the thumb?

For Pollexograph-thumb measurements (Fig. 1C), 3 landmarks were indicated on the hand: (1) the middle, most proximal part of the first metacarpal, indicating the carpometacarpal joint, (2) the thenar crease, and (3) the middle, distal part of the thumb nail.

What is palmar abduction?

The thumb’s MP and CMC joints abduct and adduct in a plane perpendicular to the palm. Some therapists also refer to abduction as “palmar abduction.”

What plane is abduction of thumb?

sagittal plane
Note that pure abduction is movement of the thumb away from the palm in a sagittal plane.

What is the normal range of motion for thumb abduction?

Normal Range of Motion Reference Values

Typical Range of Motion
Elbow Extension/Flexion 0/145
Thumb basal joint Palmar Adduction/Abduction Contact/45
Radial Adduction/Abduction Contact/60
Thumb Interphalangeal Hyperextension/Flexion 15H/80

What is abduction adduction in thumb?

… addition, the abduction/adduction of the thumb occurs at the metacarpophalangeal and trapeziometacarpal joints [19]. Figure 4 shows that flexion/extension motion of the thumb occurs in a plane parallel to the palm, while abduction/adduction motion of the thumb occurs in a plane perpendicular to the palm [21]. …

Where do you put a goniometer?

Goniometer placement –Place the pivot of the goniometer on the center of the greater trochanter. –Place one of the goniometer arms parallel to the floor. –Place the other goniometer arm parallel to the longitudinal axis of the femur (long bone of thigh).

What is abduction of the thumb?

Abduction is defined as motion away from second metacarpal and adduction is motion towards second metacarpal. It occurs at the carpometocarpal joint. It can occur in two planes, parallel to the palm of the hand and perpendicular to the palm of the hand. Flexion extension occurs at MCP, IP and CMC.

What is thumb abduction?

The thumb abduction motion begins with the thumb aligned with second metacarpal. The movement, occurring only at the carpometacarpal (CMC) joint, brings the thumb away from the palm. Be aware that practitioners refer to thumb abduction in a plane 90 degrees to the palm as palmar abduction.

How do you test abductor pollicis longus?

The patient is asked to make a fist with the thumb inside the fingers. The therapist/examiner passively deviates the wrist to the ulnar side. A positive test is indicated by pain over the radial styloid process at the site of the tendons of APL and EPB.

How do you calculate range of motion?

Apart from physical examination, ROM evaluation is most frequently performed using a device called a goniometer, an instrument that measures the angle at a joint. Goniometers measure range of motion in degrees, from zero to 180 or 360, and come in various shapes and sizes to be used on particular joints.

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