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What is the Wairarapa known for?

What is the Wairarapa known for?

Famous for their stunning coastlines, spectacular landscapes, and Award-winning Wine check out some of Wairarapa’s must-do experiences.

What’s on this weekend Wairarapa?

This Weekend in Wairarapa

  • Day Out at Pūkaha National Wildlife Centre. Pukaha Mount Bruce National Wildlife Centre, Masterton, Wairarapa.
  • Star Safari 2022 Stargazing.
  • Self-guided tour of Stonehenge Aotearoa.
  • doggytreats Pop-Up Doggy Deli.
  • Martinborough Community Market & Community Tea Room.
  • Vagabond Vege Market Stall.

What does Wairarapa mean in Maori?

glistening waters
The name Wairarapa means “glistening waters” in te reo Māori. According to some oral histories, the Polynesian explorer Kupe named the wetlands after touching down in the area several times.

What is Greytown famous?

Just one hour from Wellington, historic Greytown is known for its carefully restored Victorian buildings and top-notch shops. Historic Greytown is home to excellent examples of Victorian colonial architecture that line the main street – in fact, it’s New Zealand’s most complete street of wooden Victorian buildings.

Is Martinborough worth visiting?

Yes, Martinborough is a small village and there are not that many things to see and do when it comes to architecture, but the main square in the middle of the town is for sure worth a couple of minutes of your time, and you should for sure take a short walk around a couple of streets encircling the center, as they are …

What is on in Wairarapa?


  • Interislander Summer Festival Tauherenikau Races.
  • Pick Your Own Lavender in Carterton.
  • Martinborough Star Gazing and Pick Your Own Lavender.
  • Masterton Motorplex International Dragstrip.
  • Greytown Country Market.
  • Meandering Vineyard Lunch.
  • New Zealand Cycle Classic.
  • Cruise Martinborough.

How many wineries are in Martinborough?

30 wineries
Martinborough is the most prominent of the three Wairarapa sub-regions. Small in size, but big in character, it is home to around 30 wineries that are mostly family owned. The wineries are within walking distance from Martinborough’s picturesque colonial town centre.

What does Onoke mean?

ONOKE MOANA [Lake Ferry] – ‘The place of the earthworm’.

How long is Greytown Rail Trail?

The Greytown Trail in the Wairarapa is a scenic 5km walking and cycling track connecting Greytown’s quieter streets to the nearest train station at Woodside.

What is the Maori name for Greytown?

Te Hupenui
The Māori name for Greytown is Te Hupenui, the literal translation of which is “the big snot”, better translated as “the fluid that comes out of your nose at a tangi or funeral”.

How do you get around Martinborough?

One of the most popular ways how to get around Martinborough is on a bike. It is also a popular mean of transport to get from one winery to another, and that’s why in summer you can meet a large number of a cyclist around Martinborough. You can either bring your bike, but there is also a possibility to rent one.

How do you say Marlborough New Zealand?

Phonetic spelling of marlborough

  1. mahrl-bur-oh.
  2. Maul-bro.
  3. MAWL-bruh.
  4. Marl-bor-ough.
  5. marl-bor-ough.

What wine is Martinborough famous for?

Pinot Noir wines
Its claim to fame is the exceptional quality of its Pinot Noir wines, produced by some of the most highly regarded wineries in New Zealand.”

How much are wine tastings in Martinborough?

Phone 06-306 8473 for detailed information. We do charge a small fee of $10 for wine tasting however this is absolutely refundable if you decide to purchase any of our wines.

What does Pae Tu Mokai mean?

Pae tu mokai. Paetumokai refers to an area just south of where the Featherston township now is. It was given this name by a local chief, who lived there at one time. It was given the name because of a particular incident that involved this chief, or probably, more so, the pet of this chief.

What is Māori name for Masterton?

Masterton (Māori: Whakaoriori), a large town in the Greater Wellington Region of New Zealand, operates as the seat of the Masterton District (a territorial authority or local-government district). It is the largest town in the Wairarapa, a region separated from Wellington by the Rimutaka ranges.

What does tauherenikau mean?

At the first river he came to he discovered a whare [house] thatched with Nikau palm leaves. He named this river Tauwharenikau – ‘the house made of nikau’ [now spelt Tauherenikau].

What does Ponatahi mean?

Ponatahi is a community in the South Wairarapa District of New Zealand’s North Island.

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