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What is the synonym of cemetery?

What is the synonym of cemetery?

In this page you can discover 40 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for cemetery, like: burial-ground, necropolis, eternal home, tomb, graveyard, catacomb, crypt, polyandrium, funerary grounds, boneyard and campo santo.

Where is the largest cemetery in the world?

Najaf, Iraq
Najaf cemetery in Iraq is the world’s biggest, with more than five million people buried there. The majority are Shia Muslims, and those recently interred include victims of so-called Islamic State.

What is the largest cemetery in the country?

Calvary Cemetery With its first burial in 1848, Calvary Cemetery in Queens has become the largest cemetery in the US with more than 3 million graves. After the original section of the cemetery filled in 1867, three more sections were opened.

What do you mean by necropolis?

Definition of necropolis : cemetery especially : a large elaborate cemetery of an ancient city. Synonyms Did you know? Example Sentences Learn More About necropolis.

How do you name a cemetery?

Check out what we came up with below:

  1. Eternal Promise Cemetery.
  2. Onto Great Beyonds.
  3. Immortal Devotion.
  4. Quietus Burial Grounds.
  5. Memory Place Gardens.
  6. Beneath Clear Skies.

Which is correct cemetery vs cemetary?

Spellcheck in both US and UK English confirm it as a misspelling. Even Wikipedia acknowledges “cemetary” as incorrect. Ah so it’s just one of those words which are commonly misspelled. I’ve seen cemetery, cementery, cementary, and cemetary… But only cemetery is correct.

What is the second biggest cemetery in the world?

Calverton, New York
Calverton, New York Calverton is the second largest cemetery in the world, and one of the most active national cemeteries overseen by the National Cemetery Administration.

Where is the largest military cemetery?

Arlington National Cemetery is located in Arlington, VA across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C. at the end of Memorial Avenue. What began as the estate of George Washington Parke Custis, grandson of Martha Washington, is now our nation’s largest military cemetery.

Where is the largest cemetery in America?

Rose Hills Memorial Park takes up 700 acres in the hills of Whittier. It’s the biggest cemetery in the US and contains one of the oldest mausoleums in the state. And watering all that grass and keeping it bright and green takes a ton of water.

Is Rose Hills the largest cemetery in the world?

Rose Hills Memorial Park is located in Whittier, California. It is currently owned and operated by Service Corporation International (formerly, Loewen Group). It claims to be the largest cemetery in North America….Rose Hills Memorial Park.

Size 1,400 acres (570 ha)
Find a Grave Rose Hills Memorial Park

What is a cemetery especially a large one belonging to an ancient city called?

necropolis, plural necropolises, necropoles, necropoleis, or necropoli, (from Greek nekropolis, “city of the dead”), in archaeology, an extensive and elaborate burial place of an ancient city.

Where is necropolis located?

Almost as well-known as Giza is the Theban Necropolis, on the west bank of the Nile at Thebes (modern Luxor). This necropolis is known for the rock-cut tombs of the Valley of the Kings, the Valley of the Queens, and the various tombs of nobles and others from the New Kingdom onward.

What is a family grave called?

Family Memorial (aka Family Stone) A memorial marker, typically made of granite or bronze, which generally marks a family’s plot area rather than a specific burial site. Infrequently, a family stone may also have the names and dates of the family individuals. TOP.

Do you spell 11?

Therefore 11 in words is written as Eleven.

How do you spell Fourty?

Or ‘Fourty’? Forty is the proper spelling of the number in all English variants despite the fact that four contains a u.

What is the largest tomb in the world?

The tomb of Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of a unified China lies hidden within a grave mound measuring a 355 by 345 m (1,164 ft 8.35 in by 1,131 ft 10.65 in), just under one quarter the size of the Forbidden City.

Where is the largest cemetery in England?

The London Necropolis, in Surrey, is the largest cemetery in the United Kingdom and was once one of the largest in the world. Opened in 1854, it is home to almost a quarter of a million graves, and had its own railway connection to convey mourners – and their deceased relatives – the 23 miles from the capital city.

What are military cemeteries called?

A national cemetery is generally a military cemetery containing the graves of U.S. military personnel, veterans and their spouses, but not exclusively so.

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