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What is the strongest unit in Supreme Commander 2?

What is the strongest unit in Supreme Commander 2?

Arguably the most effective offensive unit in the game, the Soul Ripper II matches its predecessor’s fire-power to great potential.

Is there gonna be a Supreme Commander 3?

A “Supreme Commander 3” title would make every RTS player around the world giddy, but it will not happen.

Can you play multiplayer on Supreme Commander?

Online options. The Steam version of Vanilla Supreme Commander does not offer any multiplayer options besides LAN/IP and with the shutdown of GPG Net the box edition also lost its dedicated multiplayer service.

How many players is Supreme Commander 2?

You can now play Supreme Commander 2 in co-op with up to four players.

How do I get better at Supreme Commander 2?

Engineering victory in Supreme Commander 2

  1. Start your engines. Your first move should be to build four mass extractors, three power generators and a research station, and then move your two engineers and your commander to a forward position.
  2. Turtle up. Well done, you’ve made it.
  3. Droid rage.
  4. Endgame.

What does the proto brain do?

The Proto-Brain is produced as a result of the Complex. It mounts to the top of the Complex, and provides a boost to the research capabilities of the Complex. It is capable of detaching from the Complex, becoming an independent, mobile unit.

Does Supreme Commander 2 have multiplayer?

Supreme Commander 2 supports online play for both the PC and Xbox 360 version. A gold membership is required for online play through Xbox LIVE!

How do you cheat in Supreme Commander 2?

Cheat List

  1. ALT + A – Shut down enemy AI for the rest of the match.
  2. ALT + Delete – Deletes all selected things instantly without explosion or nuclear effects.
  3. ALT + F2 – Launch the Create Unit Interface, create selected unit at the cursor position.
  4. ALT + N – Protect all units and players from damage.

Are Supreme Commander 2 servers still up?

Buy it on steam while it’s still on sale and play it on pc. Sad to see support being pulled like this and out of the blue :'( ah and you missed the month-long steam sale too.

Is Supreme Commander Forged Alliance better than Supreme Commander 2?

it is better! there are many posts like this that go into better details but let me tell you, forged alliance is better. it has it’s own community on forged alliance forever, you can look it up and it should give you a link.

How do you pause Supreme Commander 2?

Below are the default keyboard mappings for PC, in Supreme Commander 2….List of Keyboard Mappings.

Key LUA Function Description
Esc escape Deselects current selection or cancels current action
Pause pause Toggles Game Pause
Ctrl + F cap_frame Take a screen shot
Alt + L toggle_lifebars Toggle life bars

Is Supreme Commander Forged Alliance multiplayer?

Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance is a stand-alone real-time strategy video game released in November 2007 as the expansion to Supreme Commander ….

Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer

How do you cheat in Supreme Commander Forged Alliance?

During the game enter any of the desired key combinations anytime for the desired effect….Skirmish and multiplayer cheats.

Effect Effect
Ctrl+Alt+b adds 10000 to your storage of mass and power and maxes them
Ctrl+shift+c copy selected units
Ctrl+Delete deletes targeted unit. Different to kill!!!
Alt+F2 opens spawn menu

Who created Supreme Commander 2?

Wargaming SeattleSupreme Commander 2 / Developer

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