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What is the meaning of the song Cool from West Side Story?

What is the meaning of the song Cool from West Side Story?

In the 1957 musical, the song is performed by Riff, the leader of the Jet Gang to calm their nerves before the rumble. This is likely to show he holds the gang together despite his flaws.

Who originally sang Somewhere from West Side Story?

Reri Grist
In the original Broadway production, “Somewhere” was sung by Reri Grist who played the role of Consuelo. At the end of the show, when Tony is shot, Maria sings the first few lines of the song as he dies in her arms. In late 1957, this recording was released on the album West Side Story (Original Broadway Cast).

Why was West Side Story important?

When West Side Story debuted on Broadway in September 1957, the show immediately gained fame for its bold artistic vision and unflinching engagement with social concerns of the day: racial unrest, urban gang violence, immigration and altercations with the police.

Is there a girl Jet in West Side Story?

The Girl Jets consist of: Graziella, Riff’s girlfriend. Velma, Ice’s girlfriend. Clarice, Big Deal’s girlfriend.

Who played the tomboy in West Side Story?

In the 2021 remake of West Side Story, Anybodys’ character, played by non-binary actor Iris Menas, is no longer a tomboy and is instead a trans man, fixing a major problem with the character in the original.

What is a tritone in music?

tritone, in music, the interval encompassed by three consecutive whole steps, as for instance the distance from F to B (the whole steps F–G, G–A, and A–B). In semitone notation, the tritone is composed of six semitones; thus it divides the octave symmetrically in equal halves.

Does West Side Story 2021 have the same songs?

How are the musical numbers different in the new film? While the film is telling the same story and includes the same songs, there are nonetheless some vital changes made for the new film – including playing about with the order of some of the musical numbers.

Who did their own singing in West Side Story 2021?

Natalie Wood/Rachel Zegler as Maria But the then-16-year-old’s videos of herself singing “Tonight” and “I Feel Pretty” set her apart from the 30,000 other aspiring stars who answered the open casting call.

Why is Maria White in West Side Story?

In the 1961 adaptation, Natalie Wood, a Caucasian woman playing a Puerto Rican, was confusing. That casting sent the wrong message to many young Hispanic children, of all shades, who wanted to see themselves in Maria but instead were given a white actress to idolize.

Why was West Side Story a flop?

Its production budget was around $100 million, not including marketing costs. Box-office analysts say the film suffered because it was targeted at older audiences, who are hesitant to return to cinemas during the Covid pandemic, lacked a major Hollywood star and was pit against “Spider-Man: No Way Home.”

Is Velma a big part in West Side Story?

Velma is a character in the musical West Side Story. She is the girlfriend of Diesel, and does not have a major role in the film.

Why does Maria still love Tony?

Instead of choosing to hate Tony, she understands that there was always going to be a death, and what happened to Bernardo was a tragic result of a deathly feud. Maria forgives Tony in West Side Story so as not to continue the cycle of pain.

What notes make up the devil’s tritone?

The tritone is a musical interval that’s composed of two notes that are six semitones, or three adjacent whole tones, apart. Within a major scale, there’s only one instance where a tritone is formed diatonically: between the seventh and fourth scale degrees (ex. B and F form a tritone in the key of C major).

Do the actors in West Side Story do their own singing?

While the entire cast of West Side Story (2021) sings for their own characters, a significant portion of the original movie’s songs was dubbed with “ghost singers.”

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