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What is the maximum temperature in Pune?

What is the maximum temperature in Pune?

Even during the hottest months, the nights are usually cool due to Pune’s high altitude. The highest temperature ever recorded was 43.3 °C (109.9 °F) on 30 April 1897. The monsoon lasts from June to October, with moderate rainfall and temperatures ranging from 22 to 28 °C (72 to 82 °F).

What was the temperature in Pune today?

Today’s temperature in Pune is 32°c.

What is the maximum and minimum temperature of Pune?

Past 24 Hours Weather Data
Maximum Temp(oC) (Recorded. on 15/06/22) 34.5
Minimum Temp (oC) (Recorded. on 15/06/22) 23.0
Departure from Normal(oC) 0
24 Hours Rainfall (mm) (Recorded from 0830 hrs IST of yesterday to 0830 hrs IST of today) NIL

What is the highest temperature in Pune this summer?

Pune on Wednesday recorded 40.1 degrees Celsius, the hottest day experienced so far this summer season.

Who is the richest person in Pune?

Cyrus S. Poonawalla
Born 1941 (age 81)
Nationality Indian
Education Brihan Maharashtra College of Commerce
Occupation Businessman

Which is the hottest city in India today?

Sri Ganganagar: The Hottest Place in India This city is located in the largest state of India, Rajasthan, at an elevation of 178 meters has the highest temperature in India.

Why is Pune so cold?

Clear skies usually help in releasing the earth’s energy during night in the form of long wave radiation thus leading to cooling down of the earth surface rapidly. This further leads to lower minimums which was the case in Pune and Ahmednagar which recorded the temperature of 7.1°C.

Does Pune have snow?

With the inauguration of the Essel World’s ‘Freeze’, Puneites will be able to experience snowfall almost the entire year. Spread over 5,520 sq ft on the third floor of the Inorbit Mall on Ahmednagar Road, ‘Freeze’ would be an experience of winter sports albeit in the tropics.

Is Pune colder than Bangalore?

Pune also have good temperature but a little hot in summer as compare to Bangalore. As the temperature goes till 42 but evening will be cool with cool wind. Winter is also a little colder than Bangalore, avg low temp is 10. Bangalore and Pune have similar weather.

Do u need AC in Pune?

The weather in Pune is usually quite good and I would say that you do not require an Air Conditioner in Pune. This year, presently however the day time is much hotter and muggier than usual. I would say a ceiling fan suffices. For train travel an a/c makes sense, if nothing to keep the dust and pollution out.

What is Pune highest temp in 2021?

The warmest April was reported in 2019 when Pune sizzled at 43 degrees Celsius and the coolest was in 2021 when highest maximum day temperature in April was 39.6 degrees Celsius.

Is Pune posh?

Situated very close to the Railway station and many other educational institutions, Model Colony makes it to the posh areas in Pune list. The basic amenities like hospitals, schools, colleges, markets, malls, etc. can be found near Model Colony. Hence, this is one of the poshest areas in Pune.

Which is the hottest place in Maharashtra?

Vidarbha is the hottest pocket as of now, wherein Chandrapur, Brahmapuri and Wardha are recording maximums around 45°C. Besides, Nagpur and adjoining areas have also been witnessing maximums above 43°C.

Is Pune colder than Delhi?

In winter also there is not that cold like Delhi the avg low temperature is 13-15 in Bangalore. Pune also have good temperature but a little hot in summer as compare to Bangalore.

Is Mumbai colder than Pune?

Answer: Pune is colder than Mumbai, because Pune does not have the moderating influence of the sea which Mumbai experiences. Mumbai is a coastal area, whereas Pune is interior and not a coastal area. The climate is equitable in coastal areas.

Is AC required in Pune?

Is Mumbai cooler than Pune?

Is Pune a cheap city?

The total cost of living is around ₹35000 in Pune. The average rent in Pune for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center is approximately ₹20000 per month, and utilities cost around ₹2000 a month. Other costs will be around ₹16000 including markets, transportation, restaurants, and sports and leisure for one-person.

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