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What is the English of Patol?

What is the English of Patol?

patol [pá. tul.] : epilepsy (n.)

What is parwal vegetable called in English?

Mostly known as the Pointed Gourd in English, Parwal is the Hindi name for the gourd and is also known by many other names including Parval in Nepali, Hindi, and Gujarati, Potol or Patol in Bengali, Kambupudalai in Tamil, and colloquially as the Green potato.

What is a word for fighting back?

In this page you can discover 12 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for fight-back, like: resist, defend, defend oneself, retaliate, fight down, oppose, fightback, fight, comeback, victory and counter-attack.

What does stoop down mean?

to bend down or over
1 : to bend down or over She stooped down to pick up the child. 2 : to stand or walk with the head and shoulders bent forward. 3 : to do something that is petty, deceitful, or morally wrong He would never stoop to lying.

What is English Parbal?

/prabala/ ardent adjective. Someone who is ardent about something is very enthusiastic or passionate about it.

What is Lauki English?

One such healthy vegetable is bottle gourd (popularly referred to as lauki or kaddu). Known by different names like calabash, white-flowered gourd, New Guinea bean, Tasmania bean and long melon, it has a host of benefits.

Is fight back one word?

Definition of fight back 1 : to attack or try to defeat someone who is attacking or trying to defeat oneself We can’t just let them make these accusations against us. We need to fight back!

What is another word for push back?

Push-back synonyms In this page you can discover 6 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for push-back, like: repel, beat back, force back, repulse, rollback and drive.

Is stoop an insult?

slang A stupid, foolish person. An informal shortening of “stupid.” I can’t believe I mixed those up. I can be a real stoop sometimes!

What is a stoop in America?

In American English, a stoop is a small staircase ending in a platform and leading to the entrance of an apartment building or other building.

What is the meaning of Trichosanthes?

Definition of Trichosanthes : a large genus of Asiatic and Australian herbs (family Cucurbitaceae) having entire or lobed leaves and white flowers succeeded by fleshy fruits of various forms — see snake gourd.

Is lauki a squash?

A bottle gourd (lauki) squash on a full-size dinner plate. If you’ve ever been to an Indian grocery, no doubt you’ve noticed the enormous, pale-green squash. It’s variously called bottle gourd, lauki, long melon, opo squash, and calabash squash.

What is sweet gourd?

It belongs to the gourd family- Cucurbitaceae and is a running or climbing vine. The fruit is harvested young and used as a vegetable. It has a light green smooth skin and a white inner flesh. Usually the round fruits are called Calabash gourd and the slender long fruits are called Bottle gourds.

What is fight back called?

Words related to fight back resist, retaliate, beat off, bottle up, check, contain, control, curb, fight off, hold back, oppose, repel, reply, repress, repulse, restrain, stave off, ward off.

What is Backfighting?

1. phrasal verb. If you fight back against someone or something that is attacking or harming you, you resist them actively or attack them.

What does mean pushback?

Definition of pushback 1 : the action of forcing an object backward. 2 : resistance or opposition in response to a policy or regulation especially by those affected.

Is it pushback or push back?

Analysis. The noun ‘pushback’ can refer to a bad or negative reaction to something. If you suggest an idea and others have a negative response you can say your idea experienced pushback. the phrasal verb ‘push back’ can mean to move something to a later time, such as pushing back a meeting or an appointment.

What is a stoop in slang?

slang A stupid, foolish person. An informal shortening of “stupid.” I can’t believe I mixed those up.

What is a stoop in the UK?

noun. 1in singular A posture in which the head and shoulders are habitually bent forwards. ‘a tall, thin man with a stoop’

What do they call a stoop in England?

In the UK “steps” or “front steps”.

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