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What is the daily gem income from VIP Art of War?

What is the daily gem income from VIP Art of War?

Having a VIP subscription earns 250 gems per day. The 30 day gem card is one of the better deals in the shop, if you play every day. Gems are often given out as rewards. Battle-pass players can get over 9,000 gems a season as rewards.

How do you get more troops in Art of War?

Level Up The Troops In Art of War Legions⇓ High-Star troops units have better stats. You can get the troops by spending the gold coins or gems. Tap the battle button -> in the bottom-right corner, you can use the gold coins to get a random troop.

Can I play Art of War legions on PC?

Art of War: Legions is a strategy game developed by Fastone Games HK. BlueStacks app player is the best PC platform (emulator) to play this Android game on your PC or Mac for an immersive gaming experience!

What troops should I fuse in Art of War?

For fusion of common, rare, and epic troops, the recommended combination is 887 (two level 8 troops and one level 7 troops), 443, or 221. For fusion of legendary troops, the recommendation is fusing two legendary troops along with one epic troops.

What do voodoo dolls do in art of war?

Skill Description Voodoo Doll releases a curse that has a chance to affect any enemies when the battle begins. If it is injured or killed, cursed enemies will be affected the same way.

What is voodoo doll skill damage at level 8?

Skill: Destiny Bond

* Damage
5 3500
6 5000
7 7000
8 10000

What are the best troops in Art of War legions?

There will always be troops that simply outperform other troops in all aspects of the game. That is why we created the Art of War Legions troop tier list so you can see who the strongest troops are and how they can help you dominate….Art of War Legions Troop Tier List.

Troop Tier Rating
Harbinger of Fire D
Fire Mage D
Inquisitor D
Necromancer D

What does the witchcraft totem do in art of war?

Witchcraft Totem terrorizes enemies, all enemies around him become fearful and run away.

What does the meteor Golem do in art of war?

Meteor Golem throws huge stones at the enemy.

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