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What is the best remix song ever?

What is the best remix song ever?

From Donna Summer to LCD Soundsystem: 10 of the best remixes

  • I Feel Love (Mega Mix) – 1982.
  • Flava in Ya Ear (Remix) – 1994.
  • Big Love (Extended Remix) – 1987.
  • Flowers (Sunship Radio Edit) – 2000.
  • Tiergarten (Supermayer Lost in Tiergarten Remix) – 2007.
  • Professional Widow (Armand’s Star Trunk Funkin’ Mix) – 1996.

What are some good songs to remix?

Playlist tracklist

Artist Title
Shakira Don’t Wait Up – Riton Mix
Dua Lipa, Imanbek Love Again – Imanbek Remix
Farruko, David Guetta Pepas – David Guetta Remix
Dolly Parton, Destructo Jolene – Destructo Remix

What is the best dance in 2022?

Dance 2022 – Best Dance Songs 2022 (Top Dance & EDM Hits 2022)

  • Your Love (9PM)ATB, Topic, A7S.
  • Wasted Love (feat.
  • Man On The MoonAlan Walker, Benjamin Ingrosso.
  • My Heart Goes (La Di Da) (feat.
  • Nothing HurtsMinelli.
  • lonely christmas (feat.
  • Dopamine (feat. Eyelar)Purple Disco Machine, Eyelar.
  • Tell It To My HeartMEDUZA, Hozier.

What is dance in music?

dance, the movement of the body in a rhythmic way, usually to music and within a given space, for the purpose of expressing an idea or emotion, releasing energy, or simply taking delight in the movement itself.

What is the best DJ remix?

Top 40 Best Remixes

  • Dalinda (Remix)DJ MAXimoff.
  • Te Quero (Remix)DJ Melnikoff.
  • Hardcore Vibes (Remix)DJ Oleg Perets & Ivan Flash.
  • Real Love (Remix)DJ Oleg Perets & Ivan Flash.
  • Lead The Way (Remix)DJ Oleg Perets Booty.
  • Rude Boy (Radio Mix)DJ Stylezz & DJ Borisoff.
  • Song 2 (Remix)DJ Tarantino.
  • Are U Ready (Remix)DJ Travkin.

Who is the best remix artist?

Remix Artists

  • Juzhin. 14,801 listeners.
  • Wanessa. 279,093 listeners.
  • The Legion of Doom. 78,947 listeners.
  • MSTRKRFT. 744,667 listeners.
  • Space Monkeyz vs. Gorillaz.
  • The Hood Internet. 121,592 listeners.
  • Halo33. 79,095 listeners.
  • Girl Talk. 462,592 listeners.

What dance music is popular now?

The Top 10 Dance Songs of 2021 – According to Duvall

  • Elton John & Dua Lipa – Cold Heart (PNAU Remix)
  • Tiësto feat.
  • Swedish House Mafia & The Weeknd – Moth To A Flame.
  • Duvall feat.
  • Ewan McVicar – Tell Me Something Good.
  • Shouse – Love Tonight (Vintage Culture & Kiko Franco Remix)
  • Purple Disco Machine feat.

Who is the best DJ 2021?

The annual DJ poll brought to you by DJ Mag has crowned David Guetta as the number 1 DJ in the world, followed by Martin Garrix in the second position and Armin Van Buuren on the third.

Who is the best DJ Mix 2021?

The best DJ mixes of 2021

  • Cassius Select – Dekmantel Podcast 316.
  • J.C. – Ilian Tape Podcast Series 058.
  • Russell E.L. Butler – Juanita’s Mix 035.
  • Logic1000 – RA.
  • DJ Q – RA.
  • Midland – As the city rests, a mixtape.
  • Byrell The Great – Fact Mix 793.
  • Sicaria Sound – Dekmantel Podcast 323.

Who is the best remix DJ?

Remix Artists

  • Juzhin. 14,806 listeners.
  • Wanessa. 279,094 listeners.
  • The Legion of Doom. 78,948 listeners.
  • MSTRKRFT. 744,760 listeners.
  • Space Monkeyz vs. Gorillaz.
  • The Hood Internet. 121,594 listeners.
  • Halo33. 79,096 listeners.
  • Girl Talk. 462,683 listeners.

How do you mix songs together for dance?


  1. Make sure you have a blank CD. Or two!
  2. Be original.
  3. Listen to mixes that other teams are using.
  4. Make sure your routine “hits” on the sound effects.
  5. With music editing software you can easily cut, paste, sample, and overlay music together.
  6. Change up the tempo.
  7. Think about choosing a theme for your music routine.

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