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What is innamincka known for?

What is innamincka known for?

Innamincka was made famous by the explorers Burke and Wills with their ill-fated exploration across central Australia. Innamincka was the traditional home of the Yandrumandha, Dieri and Yarrawarrka Aborigines, it was then proclaimed a township in 1890.

Where is Cullyamurra Waterhole?

Cullyamurra Waterhole is Australia’s largest billabong and offers shaded campsites, abundant birdlife and is a popular fishing spot. Located 16 km north-east of Innamincka, the campground has 15 campsites spaced along the 7 km waterhole.

Are dogs allowed at Innamincka?

Dogs are welcome in this park.

What happened to Innamincka?

Today, Innamincka is still a tiny outpost of a town with around 12 permanent residents, but also services visitors with: Unsealed airstrip. Trading Post/General Store. Fuel.

Is the road from Innamincka to Adelaide sealed?

It’s best to leave early on your drive to Innamincka, which is just across the border in South Australia, so that you can take a short detour and stop along the way at the historic Noccundra Hotel. The road is sealed to the border, with a small section of dirt road near the Ballera Gas Field.

Do I need a permit to drive to Innamincka?

From Innamincka to Coongie Lakes (115kms) Camping is popular on the banks of the lakes but you’ll need a park access permit. The unsealed road has a sandy base and is impassable when wet.

Is there phone reception in Innamincka?

Telecommunications are limited at Innamincka. Telstra 4G is now available in Innamincka, with a radius of approximately 7 kilometres around the town. Roaming Wi-Fi which uses satellite transmission is available for purchase at the hotel.

Who owns the Innamincka Hotel?

The new Cooper Creek Hotel-Motel opened in 1973 which and subsequently re-named to the Innamincka Hotel in 1983 after its licence was briefly suspended and a new licensee appointed. Current owners Kym Fort and David Brook bought the hotel in 1999 and set about renovating and upgrading the infrastructure.

Is Innamincka Road sealed?

Is road to Innamincka sealed?

Can you tow a caravan to Birdsville?

Once Australia’s most hazardous stock route, the Birdsville Track is still an unsealed road but maintained so that you can travel in either a 4WD or SUV with a caravan or camper trailer. The road conditions can vary and you may find yourself travelling over a diverse range of surfaces from sand dunes to gibber pains.

Does Innamincka have Internet?

What state is Camerons Corner?

QueenslandCameron Corner / State

Is the road from Thargomindah to Innamincka sealed?

The road to Innamincka from the border is unsealed. There are a number of places of interest just outside Innamincka, including the Cullyamurra Waterhole with its Aboriginal rock carvings.

Is there a road from Innamincka to Birdsville?

Distance 385 km from Innamincka to the Birdsville Developmental Road junction. The Arrabury Road is a main sealed and unsealed transport road heading north out of Innamincka. This route is a good second option for those heading to Birdsville if the Cordillo Downs Road is impassable.

Can you drive to Birdsville in a 2WD?

You can drive the Birdsville Track in a 2WD car, except after rain or flood. Washouts, bulldust holes and the rough road surface can damage the undercarriage of any car with low road clearance. But the Birdsville Track is graded regularly and is generally easy to drive.

Is there fuel between Marree and Birdsville?

Fuel, supplies and facilities, including a hotel, can be found on the track at the Mungeranie station, 204 km from Marree and 313 km from Birdsville. It is linked with the Strzelecki Track via the Walkers Crossing Track, which is closed in summer and only traversible in dry weather.

Do you need a 4WD to go to Camerons Corner?

The roads and vehicle suitability It is certainly accessible to camper trailers and caravans designed for gravel road travel. Just keep in mind that corrugations may be just around the corner. However, for those wanting a more “hard-core” experience, there are many alternative tracks that are definitely 4WD only.

Can you visit Camerons Corner?

A popular route is to travel from Thargo, stopping at Noccundra for a break, up to the Dig Tree for an overnight stay, crossing the border into Innamincka SA for free camping along the creek, down the Strzelecki Track to Cameron Corner for one or two nights camping.

Can you tow a caravan on the Birdsville Track?

Response to Birdsville Track with a caravan Anyway, if it is an off road caravan, you’ll be fine. The Birdsville Track is very stony, rough and dusty, depending on when it was graded the last time. But if you prepare your vehicles accordingly, you shouldn’t have any problems.

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