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What is Durban Poison?

What is Durban Poison?

The Durban Poison is the fruit that originates from Durban, a port city in South Africa. It was discovered by a marijuana enthusiast and brought the strain to the USA during the marijuana experiments and explorations done in the 1970s.

Can Durban Poison Help with depression and depression?

Patients with mood disorders and depression who resort to Durban Poison will find some fire in their lives. It gives a sudden rush of euphoria to afford them a chance to see past their sad thoughts and refrain from wallowing in their unending miseries.

What is the highest THC level in Durban Poison?

Durban Poison has THC levels that can reach 24%, making it one of the world’s more powerful strains. This strain hits with a strong, happy head high that’s great for creativity and daytime errands.

With a menacing name that hints at its powerful psychoactivity, Durban Poison is a pure South African sativa landrace. It is a bold and sticky variety that’s well adapted to a variety of growing conditions.

How do I contact hazchemwize?

Hazchemwize – Occupational Health and Safety Services in South Africa. HAZCHEMWIZE specialises in Hazchem and OHS related training in South Africa. For more information, please call us on 0861 429 2436. Home. FAQ.

What Dangerous Goods (DG) courses does hazchemwize offer?

HAZCHEMWIZE offers a wide variety of Dangerous Goods (DG) courses that comply with various health and safety legislation requirements in South Africa. Our courses are offered both on-site at our training centres in Kempton Park, Johannesburg and Blackheath, Cape Town and off-site on location. Our wide variety of Dangerous Goods courses include:

Why choose hazchemwize for vehicle compliance?

At HAZCHEMWIZE we supply as well as fit the above prescribed signage and equipment to vehicles to allow it to successfully pass a vehicle compliance inspection at the relevant Local Authority. When transporting dangerous goods, it is a requirement that Tremcard is present is the vehicle that is transporting that dangerous goods.

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