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What is Dbspace in Sybase IQ?

What is Dbspace in Sybase IQ?

In Sybase IQ 15.1, a dbspace is a tablespace that consists of one or more operating system files. The meaning of the term varies according to the product version you are using. Sybase IQ 12.7 implemented one-to-one mapping between a dbspace and a database file.

What is Dbspace?

A dbspace is a logical unit that can contain between 1 and 32,766 chunks. The database server uses the dbspace to store databases and tables. Place databases, tables, logical-log files, and the physical log in dbspaces. When you create a standard or temporary dbspace, you can specify the page size for the dbspace.

How do I check my Dbspace in Sybase IQ?

The command below will basically tells you on the detailed information about each IQ dbspace. Name of the dbspace as specified in the CREATE DBSPACE statement. Dbspace names are case-insensitive for databases created with CASE RESPECT. Type of the dbspace (MAIN or TEMPORARY only).

How do I check my DB space in Sybase?

By running sp_spaceused regularly, you can monitor the amount of available database space. For example, if the reserved value is close to the database_size value, it indicates that you are running out of space for new objects.

What is Dbspace in Informix?

The ccm dbspace is used to store data for Rational Synergy databases. Initially, this dbspace uses a single chunk file. You specify the ccm path and size when you create the Informix database server. The default space suggested for the root , temp , and log dbspaces is about 1 MB per user.

What is Sybase IQ server?

Sybase IQ is a high-performance decision support server designed specifically for data warehousing. This cross-platform product runs on several popular Unix, Linux, and Windows platforms.

How do I list all databases in Sybase?

USE myDatabase; GO SELECT * FROM sys. objects WHERE type = ‘U’;

How do I increase space in Sybase?

Increasing Default Database Sizes

  1. In isql, use alter database to increase the size of the master database. For example: 1> use master 2> go 1> alter database master on master= x 2> go.
  2. Repeat this step to increase the size of each of the tempdb and the model databases.
  3. Verify the size of each database.

How do I check my Dbspace in Informix?

Informix: How do I determine if Informix’s dbspaces have space available? The ‘onstat -d’ command provides the information necessary to see the total size of a dbspace, the size of each page, how much space is free and how much is used.

Who owns Sybase IQ?

SAP America, Inc.
announced SAP America, Inc. has signed a definitive merger agreement to acquire Sybase, Inc. for all of the outstanding shares of Sybase common stock at $65.00 per share, representing an enterprise value of approximately $5.8 billion.

Is SQL Server Sybase?

In 1986 Microsoft and Sybase worked together to build a product called Ashton-Tate/SQL Server 1.0. Later in 1993 they dissolved partnership and Microsoft got the code base of SQL Server side of the product and continued their investments into it to have it more adaptable for Windows.

How do I view databases in Sybase?

Open the Interactive SQL utility of Sybase and select the database name from the drop-down list of databases. In the command prompt, type isql –S –U -P and in this prompt, give the command use followed by a go command.

How do I view tables in Sybase?

You can also list user tables from interactive SQL using a system stored procedure, sp_iqtable. System stored procedures are system functions that are implemented as stored procedures in Sybase IQ. In the SQL Statements window, type sp_iqtable to run the system stored procedure of the same name.

How do I check space in Sybase?

How do I resize a device in Sybase?

The disk resize command allows you to increase the size of your database devices dynamically, rather than initializing a new device. For example, if /sybase/testdev. dat requires an additional 10MB of space, you can run disk resize and allocate this amount of space to the device.

How do I find out the size of my Informix database?

What is Sybase ASE client?

The SSMA client consists of the program files that are used to connect to a SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) database server and an instance of SQL Server or Azure SQL Database, convert ASE database objects to SQL Server or Azure SQL Database syntax, load the objects into SQL Server or Azure SQL Database, and then …

How do I see all tables in Sybase?

To get all tables, views, and system tables, the following Sybase system stored procedure can be executed.

  1. exec sp_tables ‘%’ To filter by database for tables only, for example master:
  2. exec sp_tables ‘%’, ‘%’, ‘master’, “‘TABLE'”
  3. exec sp_tables ‘%’, ‘dbo’, ‘master’, “‘TABLE'”

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