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What is complete edentulous?

What is complete edentulous?

Completely edentulous patients exhibit a broad range of physical variations and health concerns. Classifying all edentulous patients as a single diagnostic group is insensitive to the multiple levels of physical variation and the differing treatment procedures required to restore function and comfort.

What is the maxillary occlusal plane?

One of the important factors that help us in the establishment of ideal occlusion is the orientation of the occlusal plane. Occlusal plane is the average plane established by the incisal and occlusal surfaces of the teeth; it is not a plane but represents the planar mean of the curvature of the surfaces [3].

What is combination syndrome?

Combination syndrome (CS) is a dental condition that is commonly seen in patients with a completely edentulous maxilla and partially edentulous mandible with preserved anterior teeth.

What is SPA factor?

The SPA factor—the evaluation of sex, personality, and age—was first summarized by Sears in his concept of esthetic dental prosthetics. 13,14. When the laterals are nearly as broad as the other front teeth, the set is presumed to have a strong or masculine appearance.

How do you measure Interarch space in edentulous patients?

Introduction. The interarch space can be measured analogically in the articulator by mounting the casts with the complete dentures of the patient. [6,20] The upper interarch space can then be measured in the articulator by removing the complete upper denture and vice versa.

What does Edentulism mean?

Edentulism: Without teeth. Complete loss of all natural teeth can substantially reduce quality of life, self-image, and daily functioning.

What is Camper’s plane?

Camper plane – a plane running from the tip of the anterior nasal spine (acanthion) to the center of the bony external auditory meatus on the right and left sides.

What is Kelly’s syndrome?

Combination syndrome, first identified by Kelly in 1972, is found in patients wearing a complete maxillary denture, opposing a mandibular distal extension prosthesis. The group of complications occurring in these patients are interlinked to one another and collectively represent a syndrome.

What is Hanau’s quint?

Hanau, contemporary American dentist] The five determinants or variables that affect occlusal contacts. They are the orientation of the occlusal plane, the mandibular condylar guidance, the incisal guidance, the cuspal angle, and the compensating curve.

What is Dentinogenic?

The dentogenic concept is an esthetic philosophy. Its purpose is to present knowledge whereby the prosthodontist may replace the lost dentition in such a manner as to effect an appearance which is complimentary to the sex, personality, and age of the patient.

How do you determine the vertical dimension of occlusion in edentulous?

Post-extraction methods for OVD determination in edentulous patients include:

  1. Freeway space.
  2. Following existing dentures.
  3. Facial esthetics.
  4. Phonetics.
  5. Swallowing.
  6. Craniofacial landmarks.
  7. Cephalometric evaluation.
  8. Additional methods.

What is Interarch space?

1. the vertical distance between the maxillary and mandibular arches under conditions of vertical dimensions that must be specified; 2. the vertical distance between maxillary and mandibular ridges. Synonym(s): interalveolar space, interridge distance.

What is edentulous maxilla?

The general anatomy of the edentulous maxilla is shaped similar to a dome, where the platform of the dental implant is oriented toward the facial/buccal aspect, while the apical aspect is more medial/palatally positioned.

What is the edentulous ridge?

The duration of edentulousness is one of the most important factors contributing to the severity of bone loss. ‘Flabby’ridge is a superficial area of mobile hyperplastic soft tissue affecting the edentulous alveolar ridges in long term denture wearers.

What is Fox plane?

Simple to use. Time saving—fox plane only checks parallelism but this instrument marks parallel line on the occlusal rim reducing number of adjustments required, thus reduces operator’s manual work. Less chances of human error. Can be used in patients with facial deformity, absence of an eye and an ear.

What is Frankfort plane dental?

Description. Horizontal plane passing between the lowest point on the margin of the orbita to the highest point on the margin of the auditory meatus.

What is the difference between curve of Spee and curve of Wilson?

[1] The curve of Spee is designed to permit protrusive disocclusion of the posterior teeth by the combination of anterior guidance and condylar guidance, and the curve of Wilson also permits lateral mandibular excursions free from posterior interferences.

What is the ideal curve of Spee?

The curve of Spee, which exists in the ideal natural dentition, allows harmony to exist between the anterior tooth and condylar guidance. This curve exists in the sagittal plane and is the best viewed from a lateral aspect.

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