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What is an OEM hubcap?

What is an OEM hubcap?

Hubcaps are the plastic piece that covers and protect steel wheels, hence the name, wheel covers. Blackburn offers a full range of OEM factory hubcaps, both foreign and domestic.

Can you buy a single hubcap?

├▒Getting just one wheel cover or hubcap will sometimes be hard, because there are some places that will not sell just one. There are a few reasons for this. But usually a lot of dealers are set up to make sure people do not have any problems. So selling complete sets is the route they choose to go.

Are hubcaps still made?

Automakers have tossed the wheel covers in the outdated parts bin and replaced them with attractive wheels that don’t require hubcaps (thank god). Well, for the most part, they have. Some inexpensive, commuter cars still come with hubcaps, and we don’t get why.

When did they stop making hub caps?

By the 1980’s, ABS plastic wheel covers virtually replaced the use of steel hubcaps by auto manufacturers.

Is it okay to drive without a hubcap?

Whether your hubcaps are abused or absent, many motorists find it embarrassing to drive a car without a full set of decent-looking wheel covers. Sure, the car will still go just like it always has. But driving around sans hubcaps makes your car–and you, by extension–look sloppy.

How much is a hub cap replacement?

Car Hub Caps Replacement from $25 |

Why do cars lose hubcaps?

Most of these incidents have to do with the hubcap not being attached or tightened properly, so a deep enough pot hole can jolt a wheel cover off and send it rolling. It can also be caused by a broken wheel cover that won’t adhere properly, or one that was designed poorly by the manufacturer.

Do you really need hubcaps?

By having hubcaps on each wheel, you can minimize and even alleviate damage, which means your wheels’ lifespan will be greatly increased. Hubcaps are also beneficial in that they protect wheel bolts and nuts from rust and corrosion.

Do cars look better without hubcaps?

Functionally speaking, hubcaps don’t really serve a purpose. They’re mostly for looks, and they really don’t look that great anyway. Although, if you’re missing just one hubcap, lots of people think that makes a car look junky. But functionally, it’s not going to do any damage to forgo replacing it.

What’s the purpose of hubcaps?

Hubcaps are designed to snuggly fit the hub area of your car’s wheels. They’re easily snapped into place for a secure fit. When driving, your tires encounter all sorts of dirt and debris. By having hubcaps, you have peace of mind that dirt, rocks, and other debris don’t damage your wheels.

Can I drive a car without a hubcap?

Can you replace hubcaps on your own?

Replacing this type of hubcap is also easy, as you only have to unscrew each plastic nut to remove the hub cap. Again, protect yourself by parking your car on a flat surface, engaging the parking brake, and chocking the wheels. After you have removed the plastic components, simply put the new hubcap into place.

What are hubcaps purpose?

An automobile hubcap is used to cover the wheel hub and the wheel fasteners to reduce the accumulation of dirt and moisture. It also has the function of decorating the car.

Why do people remove their hubcaps?

Do hubcaps just pop off?

After you have removed the lug nuts and washers, your hubcap should slide off the wheel. If you have built-up gunk, though, the hubcap may be a bit stuck. Therefore, you may have to use a flat screwdriver to work the hubcap loose. After the hubcap is off, you can slide the new hubcap onto the exposed lug nuts.

Are rims the same as hubcaps?

The Main Differences between Rims and Hubcaps Hubcaps may be made of plastic or metal. Rims are always going to be on the outer edge of the wheel, meeting the tire. Hubcaps are added to the wheel. It by definition covers the hub or center of the wheel, but the hubcap can cover the entire wheel.

Are new hubcaps worth it?

Where can I buy used hubcaps? is always on the look out for used hub caps to add to our collection because our goal is to keep our inventory well stocked and to be able to help every customer find what they need. On that note, we are always interested in buying used hubcaps in BULK.

Are there factory original (OEM) hubcaps for steel wheels?

Below is our selection of factory original (OEM) hubcaps and wheel covers for steel wheels. Note: The terms wheelcovers and hubcaps are often interchanged. Once you navigate to your make/model and find the hubcap you need, simply select the add to cart button below the picture.

How do I order hubcaps for my Make/Model?

Once you navigate to your make/model and find the hubcap you need, simply select the add to cart button below the picture. If you are unsure of what to order, please contact us for assistance.

How do I contact hubcap?

Hub Caps, Center Caps & Wheel Covers since 1979 325 W Main Street, Ontario, California 91762 (909) 597-2600 Phone hours: Monday – Friday 7:30 am to 5:00 pm (Pacific Time) Contact Us | Hubcap Articles | Our Blog | Press Releases | FAQ

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