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What happens if I save Shaundi?

What happens if I save Shaundi?

If the game is saved and reloaded, “Gangstas in Space” begins automatically. While there are no rewards after this mission for saving Shaundi, completing “Gangstas in Space” has a $100,000 reward, whereas STAG Film has no cash reward. This ending is the canon ending, and Saints Row IV continues on from it.

Is Shaundi a sr4?

In Saints Row IV, there are two Shaundis, with a third Shaundi introduced in How the Saints Save Christmas. There is Saints Row: The Third Shaundi, Saints Row 2 “Fun” Shaundi, and “Future” Shaundi.

Should I give Josh to stag or Shaundi?

Giving Josh to Shaundi is the much better choice. You can gain all territory by doing fairly easy activities, so the STAG takeover is a bit useless. You can only get Josh and Nyte Blayde by keeping him in this mission which is why it’s better to do so.

Where is Shaundi on the ship?

The Bridge has a sex doll on one of the seats (a reference to the movie Airplane!), and is the main location of Keith David, as well as Shaundi after saving 4/5 Saints until “Hello Teacup”.

Will Shaundi be in Saints Row reboot?

New Saints Row Reboot has completely new cast, no Gat, Shaundi, Pierce | TweakTown.

Does Viola join the Saints?

Viola is one of 3 characters to be an initial antagonist and later join the Saints, the others being Benjamin King and Matt Miller.

Is Johnny Gat alive?

In Saints Row IV Johnny is revealed to be alive, and claims that Zinyak abducted him on the Morningstar Plane. Johnny goes on to tell the crew that Zinyak abducted him years before the invasion as Zinyak believed Johnny alone could stop his plans.

What does Stag stand for Saints Row 3?

The Special Tactical Anti-Gang Unit
The Special Tactical Anti-Gang Unit, or STAG, is a paramilitary force and serves as the secondary antagonistic faction in Saints Row: The Third.

Is Shaundi in the new Saints Row?

Will Johnny Gat be in Saints Row 5?

[Update: Johnny Gat’s actor Daniel Dae Kim has confirmed he isn’t returning to voice Gat. See here.] At Gamescom ONL, fans the world over got their first glimpse at the new Saints Row game, releasing on February 25, 2022. Fans knew it would be a reboot, and that was the only logical choice for continuing the franchise.

How long was Playa in a coma?

five years
Playa displays exceptional strength and durability throughout the series. During the conclusion of Saints Row he was caught in a point blank explosion and only suffered minor burns, though his coma lasted five years.

How old is Johnny Gat in Saints Row?

Birth year is given as 1980, death year as 2011, meaning he is 31 when he dies. There is an achievement for Saints Row IV titled “Bouncin’ with an Old Friend” which is rewarded for completing quests, loyalty missions and romance for Johnny Gat.

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