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What happened to ESPN John Clayton?

What happened to ESPN John Clayton?

John Clayton, the veteran N.F.L. reporter nicknamed the Professor who was noted for his football analysis and his concise game recaps for ESPN, died on Friday at a hospital in Bellevue, Wash. He was 67. His death was announced in a statement from the Seattle Seahawks, who did not specify the cause.

How old is John Clayton?

67 years (1954–2022)John Clayton / Age at death

Is John Clayton in the NFL Hall of Fame?

The senior NFL writer joined the network in 1995 and has become popular for his video segments featured on SportsCenter and ESPN’s various NFL programming. Clayton is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, as he has been enshrined in the writer’s wing of the Canton, Ohio museum.

Who died on ESPN?

Seattle Sports 710 AM confirmed the news on Twitter. “It is with a heavy heart that we share the news of John Clayton’s passing. His legendary, Hall of Fame career will forever have a lasting legacy on football fans across the world. Our condolences to his wife Pat, and to his friends and family.

Is John Clayton Dead?

Deceased (1954–2022)John Clayton / Living or Deceased

What happened to the professor on ESPN?

Former ESPN reporter John Clayton, who was nicknamed “The Professor,” died Friday at age 67, the network reported. His family told ESPN Clayton died following a brief illness. Clayton began working at ESPN in 1995 covering the NFL.

Where did John Clayton go to college?

Duquesne UniversityJohn Clayton / College

Where was John Clayton born?

Braddock, PAJohn Clayton / Place of birth

How did John Clayton pass?

Our friendship was special. John Clayton passed away today at a Seattle area hospital. His wife Pat and sister Amy were at his side and communicated earlier he passed peacefully after a brief illness. We loved John.

What ESPN reporter died today?

Veteran NFL reporter John Clayton died Friday afternoon after a brief illness, the Seattle Seahawks announced.

Is John Clayton dead?

How old is ESPN Clayton?

Who is the quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks?

Drew Lock
Geno SmithJacob Eason
Seattle Seahawks/Quarterbacks

Did John Clayton passed away?

March 18, 2022John Clayton / Date of death

Who died from ESPN 2021?

Reporter Jeff Dickerson
ESPN Bears Reporter Jeff Dickerson, 44, Dies Although he received his cancer diagnosis in early 2021, Dickerson continued to cover the Bears for ESPN digital and ESPN 1000 radio, raising his son, Parker, and joined the board of the Vaughn McClure Foundation.

Who did Clayton play for?

John Clayton covered the NFL for five decades. He was on the beat for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Seattle Seahawks, he was an NFL insider for ESPN, he was an award-winner, most recently hosted The John Clayton Weekends show, and was the centerpiece of one of the most memorable ESPN commercials of all time.

Where is Colin Kaepernick now?

Colin Kaepernick works out for the Las Vegas Raiders. Here is what we know. Colin Kaepernick took a major step toward an NFL return Wednesday, working out for the Las Vegas Raiders.

Who will be the Seahawks starting QB in 2022?

As such, it was expected that Seattle would target a quarterback during the 2022 NFL Draft. Instead, the Seahawks didn’t select a single passer and notably passed on Malik Willis four separate times….Seahawks QB depth chart.

Rank Player
1 Geno Smith
2 Drew Lock
3 Jacob Eason

What NFL players died this year?


Player Pos Age
Rick Arrington QB 74
Ted Bates MLB 84
Jim Beirne WR-TE 74
Jim Bertelsen RB 71

What NFL reporter died recently?

John Clayton
John Clayton, whose list of contacts in the NFL was matched only by his attention to detail and dedication to his craft, died Friday in Washington after a brief illness, his family said.

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