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What does sheep mean in Spanish?

What does sheep mean in Spanish?

La oveja
La oveja (f) Sheep.

What is the Spanish word for silk?

seda. More Spanish words for silk. la seda noun.

What is cotton wool in American English?

The American word is cotton.

What are textiles in Spanish?

[ˈtekstaɪl ] adjective. textil. textil m ⧫ tejido m.

What is the meaning of Chivo?

English Translation. goat. More meanings for chivo. kid noun. niño, cabrito, chico, chaval, pibe.

What is the Spanish word for leather?

Spanish Translation. cuero. More Spanish words for leather. el cuero noun.

How do you spell fabric in Spanish?

Spanish translation of ‘fabric’

  1. (= cloth) tela f ⧫ tejido m. (gen) (= textiles) tejidos mpl.
  2. Architecture) estructura f. the upkeep of the fabric el mantenimiento (estructural) de los edificios.

Do Americans say cotton wool?

You can find out more about these differences here….The Differences Between British And American Terms.

British English American English
cotton bud cotton swab
cotton wool absorbent cotton
council estate (housing) project
courgette zucchini

Is wool a cotton?

Cotton and wool are both natural fibers. Cotton comes from a plant, and wool comes from animal fleece, usually sheep. Wool is more durable and warm, but also more expensive than cotton. Cotton is easier to care for and softer to the touch than wool.

WHAT IS A Huevo de chivo?

huevo de chivo [m] DO. shiny oysterwood.

What is the Spanish word for boots?

zapatos; calzado; maleteros; botitas; espacios para equipaje.

What does material mean in Spanish?

1. (= cloth) tela f ⧫ tejido m. 2. (= substance) materia f ⧫ material m.

Is toilet British or American?

British vs American English American vs British English

toilet !toilet (but the loo not the room)
trash rubbis
trashcan dustbin
trolley car tram
truck lorry

Is Flat British or American?

Flat is used in British English, and apartment is used in North American English.

What is wool made from?

Wool primarily comes from sheep, with Merino wool coming from Merino sheep. Wool is made up of the protein keratin – the same protein found in human hair. However, Merino wool is much finer than human hair, which is why it is suitable for luxurious next-to-skin apparel.

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