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What does Clem say Warframe?

What does Clem say Warframe?

During a weekly mission, Clem cannot die permanently. If his Bleedout timer reaches 0:00, he will stand up automatically, but with 15% of his maximum health. Saying “Clem” is a running joke among viewers of Warframe streams on Twitch.

How do I talk to Clem?

Clem likes to hang out with Darvo, and can always be found at his shop. Interact with Darvo, then select the “Does Clem need my help option,” and you will load into a mission to help Clem on a little heist.

Where can I find Darvo?

Darvo is a freelance ex-Corpus merchant who regularly sells equipment to the Tenno, either through the Market or through his own shop located on any Relay’s second floor, which is accessible by visiting any Relay and then using Fast Travel from the Main Menu: default ESC > FAST TRAVEL > DARVO DEAL.

Why do Grineer say get Clem?

The comics took off with the community, and rightfully so, and the Grineer that wanted to be a Tenno got the nickname “Clem” because of the commonly-heard Grineer voice line. And yes, it is just “get them” but slightly distorted to sound like a unique language.

Are Clem clones good?

Actually Clem is one of the best AI Controlled Spectre in the game. A Clem always fights better than the other Grineer. He uses FRIGGIN QUICK DRAW ON TWIN GRAKATAS.

What is a Clem in weight?

BUILDING from the top, the Brit boys fell to discussing the origins of the word clemmy, meaning “stone” or, possibly, “half-brick”. In the North-East these days it also has avoirdupois associations. A heavy man may be said to weigh 16 clem.

What is the Lotus in Warframe?

The Lotus is nicknamed Space Mom by Digital Extremes developers and the WARFRAME community, due to the fact that she acts like a surrogate mother to the Tenno. This was later honored in the game with several lines during the Natah quest saying that she is now “the mother”.

What relay is Darvo in?

Darvo’s Market is found on the second level of the North Wing of the Relay. Unfortunately, Darvo seems to be slacking and has yet to open up shop. Take in a view of the depths of space and change your Loadouts with Navigation Consoles in the Mission Control room. Located in the North Wing of the Relay.

What is Darvos Pet Shop Warframe?

Darvo’s new and improved Pet Shop is full of deals and discounts including up to 50% off on Armor, Gene-Masking Kits, Pet toys, Decorations and much more! Plus, you can even pick up a Starter Kit for your preferred Companion: Kubrow or Kavat, and start an adventure with a new furry friend right away!

Who created Clem Warframe?

Clem originally appeared in nonsensical fan drawings by one Datareaper. The studio eventually added Clem to the game – as an absurd but oddly endearing ally.

How long is the man of few words quest?

The mission is a 10-minute Survival on the Grineer Sealab, with Drekar Grineer enemies. Clem once again accompanies the Tenno, now armed with his Twin Grakatas.

How do you get the Grakata blueprint?

The Grakata’s blueprint can be purchased from the Market.

What happens to overseer Barstow?

Killing Overseer Barstow will not reward the Sole Survivor with the legendary vault suit. When the player character kills Overseer Barstow, they become the new vault overseer, thus acquiring the Oversight trophy. Killing her while she leaves the vault at the end of the experiments will make all of the settlers hostile.

What is Clem slang for?

Definition of clem (Entry 2 of 2) slang. : a fight or brawl especially between circus or carnival workers and the local townsfolk.

Is Clem a real word?

verb (used with or without object), clemmed, clem·ming. British Dialect. to starve.

Does lotus betray the Tenno?

She instead chose to become their “mother” after she had become sterile during the crossing to the Origin system, hiding the Tenno in the “second dream” to preserve them and betraying her father Hunhow.

Do humans exist in Warframe?

There are numerous indications that normal humans or some other kind of relatively peaceful version of them do in fact, exist. The Steel Meridian claim to protect the “colonies” from the Grineer and Corpus, and the Red Veil and New Loka syndicates are both humans.

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