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What does chaval hazman mean?

What does chaval hazman mean?

a waste of time
For instance, the phrase ‘Chaval al hazman’ or ‘חבל על הזמן’. Literally translated the phrase means ‘a shame about the time’ which you would think would mean that something is a waste of time. However, Israelis use it for the exact opposite; it is used to mean that something is really cool.

What does hazman mean in Hebrew?

חֲבָל עַל הַזְּמַן – khaval al hazman Meaning: Fantastic, wonderful, great (actual), shame on the time (literal meaning) Use: What a weird phrase – shame on the time – khaval al hazman חבל על הזמן – and mainly because it’s used to mean something really good.

What does Imaleh mean?

Imaleh! Literally “Mommy!”)

What does Yofi Tofi meaning?

Big whoop! – That’s no way to talk to her. See how “יופי טופי! [ yofi tofi]” is translated from Hebrew to English with more examples in context. Add your entry in the Collaborative Dictionary.

What does Kapara mean in Hebrew slang?

Kapara – this word means “atonement” and is where the name for Yom Kippur – the holiest day in the Jewish calendar – derives from. It is a term of endearment, used in much the same way as motek or neshama. Motek/Mami – the Hebrew versions of “sweetheart” and “honey”.

What does Ash Kara mean?

Ash’Kara – Hebrew street slang derived from the Arabic word for “totally!” or “right on!”- is an exploration of contemporary Israeli cuisine which, like our name, borrows flavors from throughout the regions of the Middle East, Mediterranean, and Northern Africa.

What does it mean when someone calls you Neshama?

It is a term of endearment, used in much the same way as motek or neshama. Motek/Mami – the Hebrew versions of “sweetheart” and “honey”. Neshama –a common and affectionate way to address or greet someone close to you, neshama literally means “soul”.

What is Yalla Bye?

There’s a common saying in Jordan among friends: “يلا bye” (“Yalla Bye”). It’s not an easily translatable phrase. “يلا” means almost everything and nothing. It’s something that teeters on the rude and funny in the way that only direct phrases can.

What does Yala Yala mean?

yeah, right
‘ When said twice, with more stress on the second word, yalla yalla means ‘yeah, right,’ or ‘as if! ‘

What does Kapara Alaich mean?

“We love you
In Israel, Kapara Alayich is slang for “We love you,” or “What a sweetheart” but etymologically Kapara is a word that comes from the holiest day in the Jewish calendar – Yom Kippur. Netta, kapara alayich!

What does Ma Pitom mean in Hebrew?

Other times, ma pitom can mean “of course not” or “no way.” This can be intoned derisively but seriously, as in an op-ed about how American Jews don’t view immigration to Israel as a priority, headlined “Aliyah?

What does motek mean in Hebrew?

Motek is Hebrew slang for “Sweetheart”. Like “Mon Cheri”, and “Habibi” it is a gender-neutral term of endearment.

What does ANI Ohevet Otcha mean?

Ani ohev otach means I love you (male to female). Ani ohevet otcha would be I love you (female to male).

What is the meaning of wallah Habibi?

Even though swearing might be a serious thing for some people. But some people just use it for fun. So, the word “wallah Habibi” translates into “ I swear to god my dear”. This does not really sound like a fun phrase, but people are used to saying wallah, or wallahi for no reason.

How do Israelis say hi?

The most common greeting and parting phrase in Hebrew is “Shalom” (Peace). Jewish Israelis may also greet by saying “Ahlan”.

What does Yallah Yallah mean in Arabic?

“let’s go”
One of the most common Arabic words used, yallah means “let’s go” or “come on” and is frequently used by all nationalities in the Middle East to mean that you want something to happen or want things to keep moving along. Shukran.

What does Yalla Yalla Imshi mean?

The Arabic phrase ‘Imshi Yallah’ was picked up by the Australians during their time in Egypt and is an impolite way of saying go away.

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