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What cartoon came out in 2004?

What cartoon came out in 2004?

List of animated television series of 2004

Title Episodes Original Channel
Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends 79 Cartoon Network
Game Over 6 UPN
Go, Baby! 8 Playhouse Disney
Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi 39 Cartoon Network

What animated movies came out in the year 2000?

List of animated feature films of 2000

Title Country Animation technique
Aladdin and the Adventure of All Time United States Philippines Traditional
Alpamysh Алпамыш Uzbekistan Traditional
Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman United States Traditional
Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker United States Traditional

What was Disney’s 50th animated?

Today, Tangled hits theaters and marks the release of Disney Animation Studio’s 50th film. To celebrate the occasion, Disney has released a short video that counts all fifty films set to the song “Dreams” by Brandi Carlile.

What movies did blue sky make?

Besides creating the Ice Age and the Rio franchise, Blue Sky Studios was also behind critically acclaimed animated films such as Robots, Horton Hears a Who!, and The Peanuts Movie. Their last feature, Spies in Disguise, hit theaters in December 2019.

What cartoon was popular in 2003?

List of animated television series of 2003

Title Episodes Year
Stuart Little: The Animated Series 13 2003
Teen Titans 65 2003–06
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 156 2003–10
The Berenstain Bears 40 2003–2004

What is considered to be the best animated film?

Top 10 Animated Movies of All Time

  • Fantasia (1940)
  • Finding Nemo (2003)
  • Bambi (1942)
  • Beauty and the Beast (1991)
  • Sleeping Beauty (1959)
  • Spirited Away (2001)
  • Pinocchio (1940)
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)

What was the 10th Disney movie?

Melody Time
Released films

# Film Producer(s)
10 Melody Time Walt Disney
11 The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad
12 Cinderella
13 Alice in Wonderland

Will there be Ice Age 7?

If everything works out in the development process, Ice Age 7 could be released in early 2025 or 2026 at the latest.

Was Disney an Ice Age?

Ice Age is an American media franchise centering on a group of mammals surviving the Paleolithic ice age….Ice Age (franchise)

Ice Age
Owner 20th Century Studios (The Walt Disney Company) Blue Sky Studios (formerly) (20th Century Animation) (formerly)
Films and television

What cartoons came out 2006?

List of animated television series of 2006

Title Episodes Original Channel
Squirrel Boy 26 Cartoon Network
Team Galaxy 52 YTV
Tom and Jerry Tales 26 Kids’ WB
Tortoise Hanba’s Stories 52 CCTV

What was a popular cartoon in 2000?

Cartoons of 2000s

  • Clifford the Big Red Dog (2000–2003) TV-Y | 30 min | Animation, Short, Comedy.
  • Generation O! ( 2000– )
  • Kong: The Animated Series (2000–2001)
  • Max Steel (2000–2002)
  • Pelswick (2000–2002)
  • Jackie Chan Adventures (2000–2005)
  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force (2000–2015)
  • As Told by Ginger (2000–2009)

What is the most viewed cartoon movie?


  • 1 Toy Story78%
  • 2 The Lion King73%
  • 3 Finding Nemo73%
  • 4 Toy Story 267%
  • Monsters, Inc. 64%
  • 6 The Lion King (2019)62%
  • 7 Toy Story 362%
  • 8 Cars61%

What are the top 10 best animated movies of all time?

Top 10 Animated Movies of All Time

  • Shrek (2001)
  • the Toy Story series (1995-2019)
  • Fantasia (1940)
  • Finding Nemo (2003)
  • Bambi (1942)
  • Beauty and the Beast (1991)
  • Sleeping Beauty (1959)
  • Spirited Away (2001)

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