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What are the types of indiscipline in schools?

What are the types of indiscipline in schools?

Students portray different types of indiscipline behaviour among which include the following acts: boycotting of lessons, watching and practicing pornography, lies telling, violence, dishonesty, disobedient to teachers, prefects, and school administration, rapping school/class mates, alcohol consumption, confronting …

What is indiscipline in secondary schools?

Indiscipline can be explained as a lack of control in the behavior of a group of people. No doubt,indiscipline is rampant and the most noticeable thing in secondary schools today. There are various causes of indiscipline in secondary schools. One major cause is a lack of training in children.

What are the main causes of indiscipline in secondary schools?

The research found that various factors cause indiscipline among secondary school students. The causes include; Lack of inadequate physical facilities, inadequate dialogue between teachers and students, overcrowded curriculum, lack of guidance and counseling among others.

What are the five sources of indiscipline in school?

The 5 causes of indiscipline in educational institution are as follows: (1) Loss of Respect for Teachers (2) Lack of Ideals (3) Defective Educational System (4) Effective Freedom-Fight (5) Economic Crisis.

What are the effects of indiscipline in secondary schools?

According to the findings, the effects of indiscipline are: poor performance, high dropout rate, occurrence of strikes in the school, damage to school property and also low enrolment in the schooL, P..

How can we reduce indiscipline in secondary schools?

The use of reinforcements to promote acceptable behaviors, school authorities being good models, giving moral education in schools, adopting behavioral such as punishment, high parental supervision and referral to appropriate helping personnel, such as counselors etc are strategies for curbing indiscipline among …

What are the 3 types of indiscipline?

They are generally divided into three categories. They are: Minor Infractions, Major Infractions, and….Intolerable Offenses.

  • Minor Infractions.
  • Major Infractions.
  • Intolerable Offenses.

What are the main causes of indiscipline?

The common causes of indiscipline are as follows:

  • Unfair Management Practices:
  • Absence of Effective Leadership:
  • Communication Barriers:
  • Varying Disciplinary Measures:
  • Defective Supervision:
  • Inadequate attention to personnel Problems:
  • Victimisation:
  • Absence of Code of Conduct:

What are solutions of indiscipline?

Possible remedies to curb indiscipline in secondary schools include moral leadership, moral education/instruction, education orientation and behaviour-accountability policy implementation.

What are the solutions of indiscipline in schools?

How to Deal with Indiscipline in the Classroom

  • Set Expectations Early. Set expectations early in the year.
  • Make Rules Together. Let kids be involved in making the rules.
  • Contact Parents.
  • Invite Volunteers.
  • Invite Another Teacher.
  • Why, Oh Why?
  • Quick Learner Detected.
  • Attention Span.

What are the various types of indiscipline?

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