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What are the advantages of a tunnel hull?

What are the advantages of a tunnel hull?

Once on plane, a tunnel will let you run a few inches shallower. That is the only benefit. A tunnel hull is more expensive to build and buy, less fuel efficient, slower, and drafts more than a conventional hull.

How do tunnel hull boats work?

A tunnel hull is a type of boat hull that uses two typically planing hulls with a solid centre that traps air. This entrapment then creates aerodynamic lift in addition to the planing (hydrodynamic) lift from the hulls. Many times this is attributed to ground effect.

Do you need a tunnel hull for a jet outboard?

A properly designed tunnel, combined with a slight V bottom hull can greatly enhance jet boat performance. It should raise the motor 2-3 inches and place the heel of the jet intake flush or slightly above the bottom of the boat. A jet tunnel doesn’t work well with a flat bottom boat due to air ingestion.

What is a jet tunnel hull?

The tunnel hull allows the jet to be elevated off the planing surface of the boat. So what this means is the jet is approximately 3 inches higher than the actual bottom of the boat.

Do I need a tunnel hull?

The answer to the question is conditional. If you are running an outboard in very shallow water and you want the ability to run in 4” or 5” of water then the answer is yes. The tunnel will actually collect what little water is under the hull and funnel it to the prop.

How do you tell if a boat is a tunnel hull?

“When the tunnel is open you are pretty much on the ragged edge of steering the boat, and that’s where a smaller boat has the edge.” Running the length of the hull centerline is the tunnel.

Can you put a jet outboard on any boat?

Bottom should be at least 48 inches wide and boat length at least 14 feet long. Air entering the jet drive causes slippage, so the boat bottom needs to supply solid water, free of air, to the jet drive intake.

Who makes shadow bass boats?

POWER BOATS Based in Corbin, Kentucky, the vessels produced by Shadow Incorporated resided in lengths between 15 and 20 feet. Ending the bass boat brand after a brief production stint, Performance Marine bought Shadow Incorporated in 1992.

Can you leave a jet boat in fresh water?

Jet boats can be used in both freshwater and saltwater (although they perform best in freshwater), but where they are stored can have a dramatic impact on their longevity and performance.

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