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Is the chaperone good in Crucible?

Is the chaperone good in Crucible?

Even after a range nerf, Chaperone still comes on top of every other Shotgun in Destiny 2, even Duality. Chaperone can headshot targets from close range to proc Roadborn, giving it yet another range bump. If you fight a Chaperone user with Roadborn active, it’s over.

Is chaperone good in PVE 2021?

PVE and PVP. The Chaperone may just be the Destiny 2 best PVP shotgun, thanks to the range and perks. But it can also be instrumental in PVE for taking on tough enemies from a distance.

Is the chaperone good Reddit?

It is, without any doubt, the worst-ranged sniper rifle in PvP. Unlike other snipers that can 1hk from anywhere on the map, this one makes you get within a measly 50 feet for the privilege.

How much damage does chaperone do?

Item Statistics

Impact 75
Range 100
Stability 28
Handling 82
Reload Speed 37

Does chaperone have aim assist?

Chaperone has loads of aim assist, which you can crank up even more with shotgun targeting mods. Paired with a pulse or similar, this is easily the best shotgun, if not the best special, in the game for PvP. Not half bad for PvE either. It’s an “ok” shotgun for pve.

What is the best PvP exotic?

5 of the deadly Exotic weapons to go for Destiny 2 PvP in 2022

  • Chaperone Exotic Shotgun (Image via Bungie)
  • Ace of Spades (Image via Destiny 2)
  • Thorn Hand Cannon (Image via Destiny 2)
  • No Time to Explain (Image via Destiny 2)
  • Dead Man’s Tale (Image via Destiny 2)

What is the chaperone quest called?

The Chaperone can be obtained once you complete the “Holliday Family History” quests, which you can get as a random drop at the end of Crucible matches.

Is Felwinter’s lie coming back?

Felwinters is set to return with some friends next season. As Felwinters Lie continues to dominate crucible for the third season in a row, the main question players have been asking is “when can I get mine.” Bungie introduced Felwinters during one of its driest seasons, Season of the Worthy.

Why is Felwinter’s lie good?

The Good. Like most other weapons bearing the Sigil of the Iron Lords, Felwinter’s Lie has extremes: It sacrifices rate of fire and stability for high Impact and range. It boasts the highest base Impact, just ahead of The 4th Horseman and Two To The Morgue.

Is the chaperone kinetic?

“My mother had a shotgun we called the Chaperone. Kept us alive out there, before we got to the City.”…

The Chaperone
Damage: Solar (Destiny), Kinetic (Destiny 2)

Is chaperone a slug?

The Chaperone is an exotic shotgun that can only be obtained by completing the quest Jolly Holliday. It can be dismantled to generate Glimmer, Weapon Parts and an Exotic Shard. This shotgun is very unique in that it fires single slug rounds instead of the normal buckshot.

Is seventh Seraph CQC good?

Seventh Seraph CQC-12 PVE God Roll If you are looking for a good PVE shotgun and don’t want to run the Prophecy dungeon, then the Seventh Seraph CQC-12 is a solid substitute. In the first slot, we are looking for either Corkscrew Rifling or Smallbore to increase the weapon’s effective range.

Is the Retrofuturist good?

The Retrofuturist falls into the Lightweight Frame class, making it a standout in PvP activities as it increases movement speed when it is equipped and has superb handling.

What is the strongest gun in Destiny 2?

Here are five of the best PvE weapons in Destiny 2 right now.

  1. Osteo Striga (Exotic Submachine Gun)
  2. Outbreak Perfected (Exotic Pulse Rifle)
  3. Funnelweb (Void Submachine Gun)
  4. Enigma (Void Glaive)
  5. Gjallarhorn (Solar Rocket Launcher)

Is the chaperone hard to get?

The quest is one of the shorter ones in the game out of all the other exotics that have quests, though it has a few tougher components that may take some time, depending on your Crucible skill. This one is pretty straightforward, so just pick the shotgun of your choice and go to work.

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