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Is Suzuki SX4 crossover a good car?

Is Suzuki SX4 crossover a good car?

If your top priority is having a fuel-sipping compact, the SX4 is not the best choice. Yet while other subcompacts may lean toward either sportiness or comfort, the Suzuki SX4 does a good job of providing both, with the added bonus of all-wheel drive and a sedan model.

Is Suzuki SX4 AWD or 4WD?

A: SX4 Crossover – Engineered from concept to be all-wheel-drive capable, the SX4 Crossover offers Suzuki’s three-mode Intelligent All-Wheel-Drive system (i-AWD™). The i-AWD system employs an electronically controlled coupling device mounted in front of the rear differential.

Why was the Suzuki SX4 discontinued?

Maruti Suzuki has officially stopped production of the SX4 sedan to make way for the new Ciaz. The SX4 had been seeing poor sales in the last few months with less than 250 cars sold on average every month in 2014.

Is the Suzuki SX4 S-Cross a 4×4?

Alongside the standard front-wheel drive models, the S-Cross also comes as a 4WD with Suzuki’s AllGrip four-wheel drive system.

How does Suzuki SX4 AWD work?

The new Suzuki AWD system drives the front tires and transfers power to the rear as necessary. There is a switch on the console that allows the driver to select front wheel drive only, which can be useful if you have to drive with a different size tire for a short while, but AWD mode can be selected for most operation.

Where is Suzuki SX4 S-Cross made?

The SX4 S-Cross is built at the Magyar Suzuki plant in Hungary.

Can a Suzuki S-Cross tow a caravan?

So long as you own a light enough caravan, the Suzuki SX4 S-Cross is a fine tow car. It is well equipped, good value and stable. It will also tow places that most cars of this size won’t.

Is Suzuki S-Cross a SUV?

The NEXA S-CROSS is a premium and refined SUV. The state-of-the-art features, latest technology, spacious and luxurious cabin powered by 1.5L K15 engine ensures best-in-class fuel efficiency and refined driving performance making it a total value for money SUV.

Is a Suzuki SX4 a SUV or car?

The Suzuki SX4 is a subcompact car and crossover produced by Japanese automaker Suzuki since 2006. It was available as a hatchback and sedan, with the former available in both front and four-wheel drive. In 2013, the second generation was launched, called Suzuki SX4 S-Cross — now exclusively a subcompact crossover SUV.

Which Suzuki is AWD?

The Suzuki Vitara Turbo AllGrip is the only model in the range offering all-wheel drive and it comes with four switchable drive modes, a mode indicator in the instrument cluster and hill-descent control.

What is SX4 S-Cross?

The new SX4 S-CROSS is all about greater prospects on four wheels. Offering all-terrain driving pleasure, next-generation performance and a novel design that looks as bold as a crossover can be. Wherever your imagination carries you, with the new SX4 S-CROSS every choice is perfect. Define your destination.

Are Suzuki parts expensive?

Also, because Suzuki offer affordable cars, the parts are likely to be more easily sourced and less expensive to repair, keeping repair costs low should something go wrong. Essentially, Suzuki cars could be so reliable because they have a much more no-frills approach to their cars.

Is S-Cross worth buying in 2021?

Newer versions (BS6) should now be even better to drive. If you are looking for a good ride quality, space for 5, a good mileage and low cost of maintenance in a car, S-cross is definitely the choice to go for. creta on that price point is not a value for money car compared to the S-cross.

What can a Suzuki S Cross tow?

Technical Specifications

Engine Size 1373 cc
Kerbweight 1260 kg
85% KW 1071 kg
Towball Limit 75 kg
Maximum Towing Limit 1200 kg

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