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Is Skoda Laura a reliable car?

Is Skoda Laura a reliable car?

Final Words Don’t even think of buying a Skoda car, it has horrible after sales service and the dealers swindle their customers. Also the spare parts are very expensve and even though the fit and finish of the car seems good, it’s not durable(Remember looks can be deceiving).

What happened to Skoda Laura?

Skoda that launched the new generation Octavia in the D-segment, has now officially discontinued the Laura premium sedan from the country. The company has removed the car from its official website, indicating that the sedan has been phased out from India.

What is the maintenance cost of Skoda Laura?

Skoda Laura Maintenance Cost The estimated maintenance cost of Skoda Laura for 4 years is Rs 40,420. The first service after 15000 km and second service after 30000 km is free of cost.

Is Skoda Rapid better than Laura?

Rapid provides the mileage of 15.41 kmpl and Laura [2009-2013] provides the mileage of 8.9 kmpl….Rapid vs Laura [2009-2013] Comparison Overview.

Key Highlights Rapid Laura [2009-2013]
Engine Capacity 1598 cc 1798 cc
Power 104 bhp
Transmission Manual Manual
Fuel Type Petrol Petrol

Is Skoda Laura worth buying used?

Faraz, 7000kms used Skoda should be as good as new. Skoda resale value would not be very good. Being C+ segment car it will take a depreciation hit in its initial years. 2010 Laura 1.9TDI Ambiente AT for 13 Lakhs is expensive.

What can Skoda Laura do?

It will start navigation to a desired destination; find a favourite song or take dictation for an SMS. Laura supports six languages: English, German and French as well as Spanish, Italian and Czech. If required, the system can even understand different dialects.

Will Skoda Laura come back?

Skoda Laura (Rapid Replacement) To Likely Launch In Early 2022 In India.

Can I buy used Skoda Laura?

Used 2012 Skoda Laura Ambiente 2.0 TDI CR MT (Diesel) available for sale in Surat at Rs. 4.51 Lakh; 78,244 Kms Driven with Manual transmission.

Does Skoda Laura has sunroof?

Skoda Laura does not have a sunroof.

What is Skoda voice control?

ŠKODA is premiering a new Digital Assistant. The new, enhanced voice control system goes by the name of Laura and understands natural speech. Part of the range-topping Amundsen infotainment system, it is available for the new Kamiq as well as the compact Scala.

In which year Skoda Laura was discontinued?

Skoda has discontinued the Laura [2005-2015] and the car is out of production.

Is Skoda cheap to repair?

Renaults, Skodas, Fiats and Fords rank among the cheapest cars to repair, according to a new survey.

What is the top speed of Skoda Laura?

Fuel & Performance

Fuel Type Petrol
Mileage (ARAI) 13.4
Emission Norm Compliance BS IV
Top Speed (Kmph) 225km/hr
Report Incorrect Specs

Is Skoda Laura a luxury car?

Skoda marks its presence in the luxury segment in India with its Octavia and Laura.

Is Skoda servicing expensive?

Also, higher labour costs of over Rs 5,700 for the 30,000km and 45,000km service, and over Rs 6,500 for the 60,000km service, makesthe Skodathe costliest to maintain.

Are skodas reliable?

Skoda are very reliable. So reliable, in fact, that they’ve topped quite a few dependability tables in the past few years. The Telegraph placed Skoda at the top of their dependability table in 2016 and 2017. Skoda had just 66 problems per 100 vehicles which is down from the 77 problems per 100 vehicles last year.

Is Skoda Laura all wheel drive?

There is no Rear wheel drive option at all. The vehicle has got three gearbox options, i.e. 6 speed manual transmissions and 6 speed AMT transmission. The option is a 7-speed AMT transmission. The Skoda Octavia is a popular car in the Indian market.

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