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Is shebang a slang?

Is shebang a slang?

Shebang is slang for a situation, or a set of facts or things. An example of shebang is someone paying for the entire check for a large group dinner; paying for the whole shebang. A situation, organization, contrivance, or set of facts or things.

What is a synonym for shebang?

synonyms for the whole shebang all-inclusive. broad. complete. encyclopedic.

How do you use shebang in a sentence?

I’ll be clearing out my desk, buying cakes for the office, the whole shebang . Hello everyone, so far so good, We’ve got confirmation through from where we’re having the whole shebang . But I ‘m pretty sure that you ‘re having a problem with your shebang line.

Why is shebang used?

shebang is used to tell the kernel which interpreter should be used to run the commands present in the file. When we run a file starting with #! , the kernel opens the file and takes the contents written right after the #! until the end of the line.

What does caboodle mean?

Definition of caboodle : all the things of a group : collection sense 2, lot sense 5 decided to sell the whole caboodle [=everything] Most pension checks go out monthly.

How do you say whole package?

whole caboodle

  1. all of it.
  2. full measure.
  3. full monty.
  4. kit and caboodle.
  5. limit.
  6. whole ball of was.
  7. whole bit.
  8. whole deal.

How do you use shebang?

The shebang is a special character sequence in a script file that specifies which program should be called to run the script. The shebang is always on the first line of the file, and is composed of the characters #! followed by the path to the interpreter program.

Where does the word shebang come from?

In French, chabane means “hut” and it has been speculated that shebang is a corruption of the word, which could have been familiar to Civil War soldiers from Louisiana. Both are certainly plausible origins of the “building” sense of shebang, but they are unsubstantiated.

What means Pepita?

Definition of pepita : the edible seed of a pumpkin or squash often dried or toasted.

Why do we say kit and kaboodle?

Kit and Kaboodle Origin The origin of Kit and Kaboodle comes from 18th century England. The word “kith” refers to an estate. Therefore, “the entire kith” would refer to all the contents of the estate. Soldiers in the 1700s would also carry a kitbag with them when going into battle, known as the “kaboodle.”

When a woman is the whole package?

What does total package really mean? To attract a high value man you need to be a high value woman. And, a high value woman is the total package. It means that you’re on a high level physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

What’s the opposite of a package?

What is the opposite of package?

undo detach
spread uncover
unfasten untie
let go disband
break up split up

How do you identify a shebang?

In computing, a shebang is the character sequence consisting of the characters number sign and exclamation mark ( #!) at the beginning of a script. It is also called sharp-exclamation, sha-bang, hashbang, pound-bang, or hash-pling.

What is the whole shebang crossword?

The crossword clue The whole shebang with 3 letters was last seen on the March 23, 2022….The Whole Shebang Crossword Clue.

Rank Word Clue
93% INTOTO The whole shebang
93% COSMOS The whole shebang
42% ATO ___ Z (the whole shebang)
34% NINEYARDS Length equal to “the whole” shebang

What does papita mean in Spanish slang?

(Latin America, colloquial) piece of cake (something that is very easy) Diminutive of papa.

Is Pepita a term of endearment?

As far as I understand, it’s just a term of endearment and doesn’t necessarily have any romantic connotations.

What does the whole kitten caboodle mean?

We will examine the meaning of the phrase the whole kit and caboodle, where it came from and some examples of its use in sentences. The whole kit and caboodle means the entire amount of things or the entire group of people being discussed.

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