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Is sehun a main dancer?

Is sehun a main dancer?

As well as being the youngest member of Exo charged with providing the cute factor, Sehun’s main role in the group is that of a lead dancer and rapper. His moves are passionate and powerful – skills that are best seen in the unforgettable video for the music video for Growl.

Can sehun dance?

3. Sehun – Sehun’s dancing is rather clean but not as expressive as Kai and Lay. As compared to the rest, his dancing’s clearly better and more natural.

Who is the best dancer in Exo?

Kai from Exo, one of K-pop’s most popular and successful boy bands. While he is known as one of the best dancers in the K-pop industry, Exo member Kai has a more serious, thoughtful side away from the stage. In the six years since their debut, Exo have experienced some great highs and a few lows.

Is Baekhyun good at dancing?

Baekhyun is the overall better performer. After Kai he’s the best performer in EXO and he has improved so, so much. He has more character and drama in his dance and I think Sehun has problems with being on stage because his dance in MVs, dance practices or anywhere that’s not a stage is a lot better and confident.

Can Sehun speak Chinese?

Sehun, in particular, has put in immense effort to learn the language and can even deliver a thank-you speech in Mandarin. He has also worked on Chinese productions such as Dear Archimedes (2019) and the soon-to-be-released Catman (2021).

Who is the Centre of EXO?

In EXO , the center is KAI…as for the face of the group, it might be Kai.. and other members too.. Like face of the group is basically the member who has to represent the group or like who is most popular.

Who is the most powerful K-pop dancer?

8 K-Pop idols who are powerful dancers on stage

  • EXO Kai. STUDIO CHOOM [스튜디오 춤] 3.76M subscribers. (Full Focused) KAI(카이) ‘음 (Mmmh)’ 4K | BE ORIGINAL.
  • NCT Taeyong. 채널 NCT DANCE. 2.2M subscribers. TAEYONG (Feat.
  • BTS Jungkook. TV-People. 3.74M subscribers.
  • DREAMCATCHER SuA. boraptor. 221 subscribers.
  • Hyolyn. HYOLYN 효린 803K subscribers.

Who is EXO’s choreographer?

Choreographer Mihawk
Mastering the art of dance is no small feat but when it comes to the high-octane world of K-Pop, each movement counts. Choreographer Mihawk Back of SM Entertainment – South Korea’s biggest entertainment group behind K-pop stars EXO, Girls’ Generation and Super Junior – would certainly agree.

Who is the best singer in exo?

In terms of vocals overall, Chen. He can go the lowest in EXO and the Highest in VOCAL LINE. (Baek, Suho, Chen, D.O). Xiumin can go the highest but keep in mind that that was just a pitch battle, it is a matter of what they can do with it.

How many languages can Sehun speak?


What is Sehun’s Chinese name?

Oh Se-hun (born April 12, 1994), also known mononymously as Sehun, is a South Korean rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, model and dancer. He is a member of the South Korean-Chinese boy group Exo, its sub-group Exo-K and sub-unit Exo-SC….

Oh Se-hun
Revised Romanization O Se-hun
McCune–Reischauer O Sehun

Who choreographed Ko Ko Bop?

Along with “Love Shot”, Mihawk was also responsible for the choreography for EXO’s 2017 hit “Ko Ko Bop”, done in collaboration with fellow choreographer Kasper aka Kim Tae Woo.

What is BTS hardest dance?

BTS’ DOPE, ON, Dionysus and more: ARMY, which is the toughest choreography of the septet? Vote now

  • DOPE. BTS’s DOPE is choreographed by husband-wife duo Keone Madrid and Mari Madrid.
  • ON. BTS’ ON remains one of the most difficult choreographies.
  • FIRE. Fire rides high on energy a lot.
  • DNA.
  • Dionysus.
  • Idol.
  • Black Swan.

Who is the smartest in EXO?

Suho, “I’m The Smartest In EXO”

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